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The Knights Who Say Nii!
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Server Legions of Lettow
Leader(s) Jono Bradley
Type PvP/PvE
Voice Mumble: Server: / Port: 13287

The Knights Who Say Nii! is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

KWSNi has been running now for around 4-5 years, we’re a multi-gaming alliance which focuses on gaming AND socialising. We enjoy playing Massively Multiplayer Online games to First Person Shooters and everything in the middle.

If you’re a fun person who is over 18 and is willing to play on European servers/games then you’re more than welcome to apply to join the alliance! If you’re just someone who wants to hang out on our forums and chat about games with us, also feel free to apply!

As well as the Out of Game forums, we also use Voice over IP programmes such as Ventrilo/Mumble and occasionally Skype to chat and take the piss out of each other.

Our current games are:

LotRO, SW:TOR, Battlefield, The Secret World, Age of Empires Online, Guild Wars 2 and many more…

Joining the guild

However before applying please be sure to read through our Rules!


All players in KWSNi must be over 18. The only exceptions are those who have already been recruited into the Guild. Exceptions can be made, with the referral from an Officer.

We are essentially an 18+ guild; the theory behind this is, that we have a kin of mature players and as adults we know where to draw the line, in regards to a disagreement and/or know that if things are bothering us that much; we have the officers, a first officer or leader to approach to attempt to resolve the situation with minimal blood loss. Just pulling a character from the guild is not considered a mature way to handle a situation where we all class each other as friends.

We are a big group of people and there are bound to be people you tend to disagree with more often, but then you will find this within any kin, guild or online game. The officers responsibility is to try to help and resolve issues you have, you have the chance to contact us within the game or using the U2U mail system on the forum and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as physically possible to help resolve this situation. On extremely rare occasions(thankfully) it maybe seen that the only way to resolve the situation would be an officer asking one or all involved to leave the guild, this would be done with the backing of another officer and all conversations would be logged and forwarded to the Leader and the First Officer to show that we are working as a team and people are not just randomly kicked from the guild.

The members of KWSNi are a friendly, helpful group of people and all recruits are expected to act in a similar way towards kin members. There is a two week recruitment period in which you have time to decide if this is the guild for you and likewise the officers will decide if you are what we hope for our guild, after this two week period you will be approached by an officer for a chat and see what you think if all sides are happy you will be promoted to member standing.

We expect all members to sign up to our forum and at least post occasionally, so we are certain that they are aware of these rules and issues.

Please also note that whilst we will recruit worldwide, we expect members to be able to communicate in English (typed or verbal if using Ventrilo).

All times for group activities will be listed in GMT/BST as appropriate.

Notable Members

Overlords include: Sannas, Jono, Ry & Cull SW:TOR Leader: Jono

Creative Minds behind website: WeekendJedi (Lee), Tiadormia (Craig), Jono & Sannas.


Designed by Mazuran

External links

Hit our website up @ [1] (

Recruitment thread on [2]

Visit out SW:TOR NiiNet @ [3] (

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