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The Legion is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. 

About The Guild

The Legion is an organization founded on military principle, led by likeminded and experienced leaders across a path leading to greatness. The organization may be young, though its founders are mature, intelligent and rational people who have both vast experiences with Massive Multiplayer games as well as with taking on roles of responsibility. Through strategic goal driven short and long term plans for both the guild as well as its players, we will become known. Not as simply another guild, but as The Legion.

Our Mission

When picturing the target that we strive to become, we envision a guild maintaining numbers between five-hundred and one-thousand players. We see an organized military structure of multiple assigned raid parties with leadership positions ranging from team leader to platoon leader to allow the higher ups of the guild to keep tabs over all its players with ease. Scheduled Boss Raids, Flashpoint runs, and guild PvP events would be a daily thing, preplanned and acted upon efficiently.

In the distant future we plan to see the mass of potential that is The Legion becomes a powerful member of the guild community. Our ambitions, limitless when it comes to the capabilities of the guild; not ending at just PvE and PvP goals. In its prime Legion will have a vital role in the server’s economy, fueling trade and item flow frequently to build its guilds nonstop growing funds to help its newer low leveled members purchase his or her new set of equipment; or its senior member of months better equip himself for his next battle against a Planet Boss.

The paved path for The Legion is long, and will take the cooperation of many to complete. It may sound unobtainable - some may ask can it be accomplished, but there is nothing that cannot be accomplished through hard work, dedication, and unity. With these three simple things and enough contribution, the real question is… “What can’t be accomplished?”

The Staff

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Communication and Organization

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Guild Services

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Guild Raids

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Guild PvP Arena

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Guild Events

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Instance Runs

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Duel Tournaments

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Guild Community

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Character Progression Assistance

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Rules and Policies

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General Rules

- Follow the SWTOR ToS

- Keep in mind that ultimately the game’s administration’s rules are final.

- Don’t forget anything

- To the best of your ability, commit given information, names, orders, and especially the rules to memory.

- All members are subject to punishment

- Regardless of rank you will be seen as equal when a rule is broken, this is the same for having an equal opportunity.

- Use common sense

- This is possibly the single most important rule that should be followed and enforced by every member at all times regardless of the time or situation.

- Be honest with your command

- Admitting a mistake is better than leadership finding out about it in the future.

- Maintain the image of the guild

- Do not make the Legion look bad. The Legion’s image is a reflection off of your own. Any who decides to purposely harm, taint, or ruin the guild’s reputation and or image will be removed.

- Look out for your comrade

- Watch each other’s back, help out one another when you see someone struggling, and never steer a guild mate into the wrong direction.

- Remain active

- Inactivity without first consulting an Officer will result in demotion and eventually removal from our ranks. If you plan on going inactive for longer than a week, be sure that a Officer makes note of it in our Guild Notes.

Guild Chat

- Do not troll/flame/spam/advertise

- Nonstop illogical and or hurtful comments that create a negative atmosphere towards other players will not be allowed in guild chat. Constant advertising for trades, searching for group, or anything that would be considered as annoying to a group of people; including but not limited to obsessive use capital letters or symbols in attempts to gain further attention will be punished.

- Do not discriminate

- Comments in bad taste towards another player in our out of the guild revolving around a person’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs or anything that could cause someone to feel uncomfortable and or harassed will not be tolerated.

- Do not bring personal problems into Guild Chat

- Any sort of issues that are on a personal level, ranging from one’s issue with another player or guild that are spoken of in strict negative ways due to anger will not be present on guild chat. This includes real life issues that would spark negative conversations that would make others feel awkward and or offended.

- Do not spoil the game

- In the end, this is a video game. There is a story, and a lot of players don’t know everything about it yet. Don’t ruin it just because you’re a higher level, some people care about having surprises ruined on accident.

Officer Chat

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Legion Code

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Rank Structure

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Additional Duties

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Guild Leadership

Guild Master - Riden

Co-Founder - Angel

Guild Administration

  • Wikia Maintenance Officer -
  • Guild Treasurer Officer -
  • Head Recruiting Officer -
  • DKP Maintenance Officer -
  • Raid Coordinator Officer -
  • Event Coordinator Officer -
  • PvP Coordinator Officer -

Advisory Council

  • 1st Seat -
  • 2nd Seat -
  • 3rd Seat -
  • 4th Seat -
  • 5th Seat -
  • 6th Seat -
  • 7th Seat -

307th Chain of Command

307rd REGT - Regimental Commander - Angel

     1st BN - Battalion Commanders - 
         A CO - Company Commanders - 
            1st PLT - Platoon Leader - 
              2nd PLT - Platoon Leader - 
                3rd PLT - Platoon Leader -


[Coming Soon]


The 307th Regiment (Pronounced “Three-oh-seventh”) serves as The Legion’s main Raid Group unit. The 307th follows a strict structure that would allow for players to be trained up on assigned positions, and cooperate with assigned groups to become efficient coordinated teams. By using a system where members will be simply slotted into a proper position (Based on a character’s role as a DPS, Tank, Healer, or mix of any of the three) a player will be able to easily be able to be picked up or transferred to other platoons and still maintain efficiency after properly learning one’s role in a raid.

The 307th is entirely a volunteer only unit within The Legion, consisting of only those who wish to become a part of Raid groups and are capable of being dedicated members to a group effort. The Raid Groups all are broken down into standard military elements which follow strict guidelines. These guidelines are established to keep things organized as well as communication between higher guild command and the members of a Raid team.

The Commander in charge of the 307th is The Legion’s Co-Founder, Angel. Two Commanders will later be assigned in charge of the 1st Battalion to monitor the Companies to ensure that Raids are being held as scheduled, frequently, smoothly, and minimize issues that are surfaced. Under the command of the 1st Battalion will be five Companies: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo (A, B, C, D, and E). These five Companies will have two assigned Commanders to do the same job as the Battalion Commander though on a smaller scale to help establish a chain of command (CoC: The succession of commanding officers from a superior to a subordinate through which command is exercised)

Each Company will have three Platoons (Raid Groups), each following a similar structure tailored to a 16 man group broken up into two 8 man squads. 9 players capable of DPS, two players focused on Tanking, three on Healing, and two with mixed interchangeable roles (Tanking and DPS, Healing and DPS). One Platoon will be melee focused, the second ranged, and third being a hybrid platoon that could mix into either of the other two platoons to make up for offline players or for those who could not attend a scheduled event. To keep flow of communication steady there will be one Squad Leader in each of the 8 man cell, and a Platoon Leader (Raid Leader) placed in the first squad. The leadership positions can have any role, and are strictly voluntary only, granted to only those who have shown capable of maintaining a leadership position and has had time within the 307th.

To join the 307th, simply contact a guild officer in game about your enlistment, give them your name, class, and character role [Example: Riden, Sith Marauder, DPS] for them to make note of and your name will be added to a squad below ASAP.

1st Battalion

[Coming Soon]

Alpha Company

- Alpha Company - Commanders -

- 1st Platoon - Platoon Leader -

- Alpha Squad - Squad Leader -

- D - Sylinthia, Sith Assassin, Tank / Melee DPS

- D - Genesis, Sith Assassin, Tank / Melee DPS

- D - Hanzecs, Sith Assassin, Tank / Melee DPS

- D -

- T -

- H -

- H -

- T / D -

- Bravo Squad - Squad Leader -

- D - Reiner, Mercenary, Heal / Ranged DPS

- D -

- D -

- D -

- D -

- T -

- H -

- H / D – Techknockout, Sith Sorcerer, Heal / Ranged DPS

External Links

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