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The Legion of Ziost
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild

The Legion of Ziost is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Joining the guild

Notable Members

Archon Dem, Queen of Ziost - After barely escaping with her life, the former princess went into seclusion on Yavin to mourn the death of her father, her home-world, and its citizens. There she coped with the destruction of Ziost by continued her training in the lore of Revan and exercising her ability to walk the fine line of neutrality between the dark and light side of the force, politics, and intrigue. Aided by some of her closest supporters including Lord-Primus Balmoris, Viceroy Raynerv, Lord-Primus Chronos, Lord Diath, and others, she was able to amass a size-able legion of individuals, both civic and soldier, whom established themselves as the The Legion of Ziost. They became known as the exiled Kingdom of Ziost rebuilding their home-world to prepare for their inevitable return after the atrocities committed by Vitiate. Now Vitiate is used as a symbol and an idea to give life to ideals which are reprehensible and to lend aid to others in need of support against similar threats in the universe.

Viceroy Raynerv, Adviser to the Queen and Second of Ziost - (Description soon to come...)

Lord-Primus Balmoris, Spear of Ziost - (Description soon to come...)

Lord-Primus Chronos, Spear of Ziost - (Description soon to come...)

Lord Diath, Minister of Enforcement - (Description soon to come...)

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