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The Mandalorian Empire is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The warriors of the new Mandalore.

Because its the military of Mandalore, there are many ranks from Admiral to Commander Mandalorians and be fighting in hand to hand combat or with blasters but as RyanCove says, the best weapon is your mind.


If you wanna join our space forces the ranks are as follows:





-Marine (does boarding missions)

-Strategizer (planners)



-Fleet General


if you wanna join our ground forces ranks are as follow:




-Gunnery Sergeant

-Staff Sergeant



-Lieutenant General

-Major General


Joining the guild

You must have a audition with RyanCove and your rank will be thought and given by him.




Other members

John Mckiller - Commander of our ground forces.

jedinegro - Admiral of our space forces.

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