The New Jedi Order is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

Age of Awakening

"As I meditate in a patch of soft grass, the morning Pylat birds sing lovely tunes of Peace and Prosperity. I feel one with the Force. As I finish meditating, I get up and run through the glimmering forest of Tython. I leap across pads of grass, and small patches of Sunnydew flowers, while focusing my attention ahead, beyond the miles upon miles of Wroshyr Trees. As I come to a clearing, I hear a familiar sound. As I arrive atop of the clearing, I can see a large Temple off in the distance, but not just a Temple, my home....... The Remnants of Hope."

About the Guild

The Remnants of Hope is a Galactic Republic Guild for the upcoming game Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is currently in production by Bioware and Lucas Arts, and should be released in the year of 2011. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for each and every individual member. We are really aiming to make a significant impact in the SWTOR Community. We are lead by the best of leaders and all of our features including our site are checked over and updated everyday for the convenience of the members and for those who just want to visit. We want members to walk away day in and day out saying that they are glad to be apart of such a massive experience and wouldn't change it for anything. This is what it means to be a member of The Remnants of Hope, one of the top SWTOR Guilds out there. The Remnants of Hope does not like to restrict any type of play orientation or styles so we have adapted to all play styles that our members would like. We are currently deciding our server type and info. If you have any input or suggestions it would be more than welcome. Primarily, we view ourselves as a Role playing and Player vs. Player type. But this could change in the near future.

Joining the Guild

The Remnats of Hope is openly recruiting members who strive to be active and dedicated. One of the most important things we look for is maturity. Maturity shines brightly through any other thing that you can possibly provide here. We have no restrictions to any heritage or religious aspects. We are open to any Galactic Republic aligned class including both Troopers or Jedi. We like to make sure each member is experiencing the real Star Wars Era. Concerning maturity - If you do not show maturity, we will have no problem removing you from the Order. This does not mean that fun isn't allowed. We do whatever we can to make the experience enjoyable. If you are looking to apply to our fine guild, then you can do one of the two things. You either can go to our Recruitment Thread located in the SWTOR Guild Hall and post a request for us to send you an application via private message. The other possibility is to go to our forums, and under the "Recruitment Category", submit an application for approval. To find the structure of the Application, please visit the Application Form thread in the Recruitment Category. We hope we can help improve your experience as much as possible.

Membership Trial System

Once you have filled out an application, and had it approved, you will be set as a Trial Member, in which you will have to accomplish four Objectives. The following Objectives are as follows:

* Post 15 or more forum posts; This does not mean any random posts, they have to be meaningful or they do not count.
* Within 3 days, must acquire an avatar.
* Post an Introduction about yourself in the Introduction Forum Board.
* Must be interviewed with a High Council member, or a member of the Recruitment Team.

Once you have accomplished these four things, the Recruitment Committee will decide whether or not you are qualified to achieve full membership access. Once approved, you will be an official member of The Remnants of Hope, and will receive the starting rank of whatever class you are.
We expect our members to remain ACTIVE. This includes active in the forum (Guild Discussion), as well as the guild "activities". If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks, without a good reason (Please let us know if you are taking a leave of absence), their membership will be deleted from the Remnants of Hope roster.

The Elder Council

The Remnants of Hope is led by a Elder Council, which is under the command of High Elder Aldamar Orden, High Elder Awolo So-Wi, and High Elder Powco Micar. The Elder Council consists of nine experienced Jedi Masters. The current members of the Elder Council are as follows: Tyron Almeida, Michael Ex,The Don, Vanin Areldur, Kathios Lorano, and General Kentra.

Ranks of the Order


The Ranks of the Jedi Include:

High Elder: This was the highest rank in the Guild, and served as the guild leader(s).

Elder Council Member: This was a rank that very few members were invited to serve on the Elder Council, the governing body of the Guild.

Master: This rank was given to the most wisest and skillful Jedi of the Order. They showed great understanding of the Force, and have managed training a Padawan successfully.

Knight: Jedi Knights formed the main body of the Order. They are Jedi who passed their Trials successfully. They had to pass the following trials in Order to become a Knight: Trial of Flesh, the Trial of Courage, the Trial of Skill and the Trial of Self.

Padawan: Was an apprentice who began serious tutelage under a single Jedi Knight or Jedi Master. In order to graduate to Padawan status, an Initiate was required to be chosen by a Knight or Master and taken as their sole pupil.

Initiate: Was a Force-sensitive child. Often a prospective Jedi was detected through blood sampling, those with great Force potential had high midi-chlorian counts in their bloodstream. At a very young age, children were removed from their families and assigned to the Jedi Temple for training.

Ranks of the Troopers Include: Will Be listed Soon

External Affairs

The External Affairs handles Diplomacy and Relations with other Guilds, whether they be Sith, Republic, or Neutral based. The Elder Council handles Diplomacy and Relations with the help of the Guild Ambassador, Master The Don. We ask that Republic Guild Diplomats/ Ambassadors register onto our forums. Once done so, we will add you to the Ambassador group. We are currently allied to the following Republic Guilds:

The Fillorean Society

The Vanguard of Justice

The Knights of Sokan

External links:

Official Website Official Forum Official Recruitment Thread NJO Beta Trailer

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