The New Jedi Trials is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild and the official guild of the New Jedi Trials of the

About the guild

We are the official Guild of the New Jedi Trials game of the Jedi Council Forums Star Wars Community. We are open to all members of the Trials and others who serve the light and are members of the Forums. We are looking to this game as another way to bond and strengthen the friendships we have created due to our love of Star Wars.

Joining the guild

The main way to join the guild is to be a member of the Jedi Council Forums. While we will accept anyone who is a member, our beginnings are those members of the Star Wars Community game The New Jedi Trials. We will accept any type of playing style, provided that they are courteous to their fellow guild members. As such, we will also accept and utilize whatever skills you have your character develop as we play the game to the best we as a guild can.



DarthBrutus (Brent Francis) - Battlemaster and Council member in the New Jedi Trials.

Other members

  • JediGunship - Council Member in the Trials
  • Masterjedi343 - Jedi Knight
  • ARC170pilot - Jedi Master
  • Ree - Grandmaster of the Order
  • JediMasterAmanda - Jedi Master
  • ObiwanJedi93 - Jedi Master
  • BluBladedJedi - Jedi Knight

External links

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