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The Ninth Legion
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild


Formed through the Galactic Republic's grand will, The Ninth Legion's main purpose was to execute missions which required fast and underhanded tactics to ensure victory in areas before a battle could have the opportunity to surface. Working under the philosophy that a single dagger in the dark was better than a thousand swords at dawn, the members of The Ninth Legion were initially scattered throughout known space and placed in other organisations so they'd be capable of keeping vigil over all sectors of Republic space and always have a unit close at hand for short notice mission statements.

The Ninth Legion's primary leaders were kept as a need-to-know basis for only the highest military personnel to view, however, due to the Sith Empire's invasion and the forced, fragile treaty, The Ninth Legion is once again called to immediate service. Due to the circumstances, secrecy is difficult, the Leaders adopting a more public profile and open recruitment drive to increase the efficiency of the Legion itself and to optimise the success rate of their missions.

What do we do?:

The Ninth Legion specialises in delivering surgically precise strikes behind enemy lines, inflicting fear and paranoia into any opposition unfortunate enough to pitted against them.

They strike from the dark, blind spot in every coherent beings mind, inflicting as much damage as possible in the smallest time available, before moving on to complete their objectives amongst the confusion and animosity of the unforeseen battle.

Commonly regarded as 'hit and run' attacks, the Legion prefers not to stage a stalemate of an encounter with any enemy, opting to use underhanded strategies and tactics to out manoeuvre their opponents before they even realise what they're fighting against.

OOC Information:

The Ninth Legion is, as you can see, a heavy roleplay guild emphasising on loyalty and, to a degree, zealotry. All members are expected to be viciously loyal to the cause of the Legion and its goals, which are firstly to the Republic and then to themselves.

We intend to offer a Military styled guild for those that are interested which harbours a darker, somewhat more sinister underlining hidden from the public eyes without breaking the boundaries of becoming an evil organization, but in theory a valued addition to the Republic-aligned guilds due to its questionable yet effective methods on the battlefield.

The Leaders of the Guild are all experienced roleplayers who specialise in management of large scale groups and with expansion in numbers we'll be offering events, both factional and cross-factional as well as organized player-vs-player situations to keep it's members entertained. Despite being primarily a roleplay guild, we'll also contribute to PvE and PvP content for a full experience.

Those who join The Ninth Legion can expect an immersive roleplay experience.

Command Structure:

Each class has its own ranking system within the guild. Most of these ranks are purely for In-Character matters only, unless specificaly labled as an Officer rank.

Jedi Ranking

Jedi General
The highest rank among the Jedi of the Ninth Legion.
The General of the Ninth is charged with overseeing all other Jedi business within its organisation.

- - -

The second-in-command for the Jedi of the Ninth Legion, these people act as the General's
hands and as role-models for the other Jedi, maintaining the structure and efficiency of the Legion's
force users, making certain they're disciplined and ready for immediate action.

- - -

The Wardens safeguard wisdom of the Force, of battle and of teaching, passing on knowledge
to those of the Ninth who seek it to better themselves. The primary teachers for the Force side of the Legion.

- - -
A revered rank for the Jedi of the Ninth Legion, they have mastered various Lightsaber forms and
have a reasonable insight into the Force.

- - -

The basic rank for most Jedi within the Ninth Legion, the Knights make
up the bulk of the force sensitive side of the organisation.

- - -

The place all Jedi begin, the rank of Initiate. Normally these people would attach themselves
to a Knight or Master and learn from them over time.

Trooper Ranking

The highest rank among the Troopers of the Ninth Legion.
The Commander is in charge of all military documentation and strategies.

- - -

The second-in-command of the Trooper Division, these veterans have shown potential to extreme
levels and have been hand picked by the Commander himself to serve with unfaultering resolve and
lead units of soldiers into battle.

- - -
A supervisionary rank among the Troopers, the Captain is charged with maintaining
standards, scheduals and training sessions.

- - -

A revered rank for the military aspect of the Legion, these people have trained hard to master
what utilities are at their disposal and the most efficient way to use them.

- - -

The basic rank for all soldiers within the Ninth Legion, these people make up the
bulk of the military side of the organisation.

- - -
All soldiers need to learn the basics, and this is the rank rewarded to those eager to learn. The recruits
of the Ninth will learn what it means to be a part of the Legion through strict training drills.

Smuggler Ranking

● A Note About Smugglers Within The Ninth Legion ●
Though we may refer to these people as Smugglers out-of-character, The Ninth Legion does not recruit
in-character Smugglers to its cause. Any Smuggler within the Ninth is considered a military agent who deals in
information, interrogation and sabotage.

The highest rank among the Ninth's reconnaissance Division, he/she is highly intelligent and a
master at gathering and managing information through all known means.

- - -
The second-in-command among the Ninth's reconnaissance Division, the Executors answer to
the Director directly and pass on information throughout the Legion
while skillfully collecting it.

- - -
Having learned everything there is to know about finding information, conducting interogation
and committing sabotage, these venerable agents are charged with passing on their knowledge
to the lower ranking aspirants.

- - -

The invisible agents for the reconnaissance Division, the Spectres are the people who efficiently
carry out the Executor's tasks without a moment’s notice and also
manage the supply of information fed to the Legion.

- - -
The basic rank for Legion agents, an Operative has mastered the art of blending in and
is also trained with deadly efficiency to take down a target with a single blaster bolt.
Quick witted, silver-tongued, their voice is as much a weapon as their blaster.

- - -
A Scout of the Legion has learned to conceal themselves through many different
means, effectively collecting information from several possible sources. Scouts are
encouraged to find an idol among The Ninth Legion to learn from.

- - -

Ranking Breakdown:

Division Leaders
Jedi-General | Commander | Director

Champion | Colonel | Executor

Teachers, Trainers and Idols
Warden | Captain | Instructor

Prestige Members
Master | Sergeant | Spectre

Basic Rank
Knight | Private | Operative

Low Levels and Learning Curves
Initiate | Recruit | Scout


Respect: Despite a possible aggressive attitude in-character, you will always be expected to respect every other player and guild that you interact with out-of-character.

Maturity: Though everyone appreciates a good joke, we also expect people to act maturely when interacting with each other. Sometimes things can become 'too much' and ideally our members should know when to stop and what boundaries not to cross socially.

Patience: Sometimes problems can scale out of control, the unexpected happens or things are taken from an in-character perspective to an out-of-character one. As a member, you're expected to keep a level headed mind-set and patiently work through anything placed in your way.

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