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The Order Of The Lost
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild

The Order Of The Lost is a player Guild  allyed to the Sith and founded in July 2011 they are lead is Epic_Guy there guild head quater page is here The guild dose not care about how much time the player puts into the guild or game there mission is as followed "We are a guild for everyone we do a little bit of everything no matter if your a core roleplayer or a casual "for fun" guy who go's at his own pace we will do guild events often,story,quests, flash points (you are not required to join guild events) and mostly have fun as that's what a guild's for, we know some people don't want to play all the time and thats ok we also won't make you chose between real life and guild things, we do like to do a little bit of role play and you can roleplay as much or as little as you want, we want you to feel at home and enjoy yourself as much as you can because as I because that's what we're all here to do".

They have a interesting roleplaying story wich is followed

"The Order Of The Lost are followers of the Sith Lord Revan. Founded by Revan himself, soon after the star forge was destroyed, The Original order was Revans most trusted and loyal Warriors, Advisers and Assistants. After Revan died The order lived on by his apprentice, many great Sith had been our leader since then."

There recutment page can be found here

There wbsite can be foundhere

And there fourms can be found here

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