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Often seen in masks, the Order of Rosencreuz aided Darth Malgus during The Empire's swift campaign against the republic during their return from hiding on Dromund Kaas. They operated as his vangaurd and elite task force.

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The Order of Rosencreuz
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance The Empire, with ulterior motives approved by The Emperor himself
Server Assassins of Sion
Leader(s) Lord Soulcatcher Avievente
Type PvE

The Order of Rosencreuz is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

To read about our mantra or anything relating to how we operate, please visit our website, this wiki is dedicated purely to lore.

Joining the guild

To join the guild, you must submit an application and talk to a Lord.

Notable Members

Lord Soulcatcher Avievente Lord Kresnik

External links

The Order's Rise to Power

Soulcatcher Avievente was a powerful individual even before he landed on The Empire's doorstep. It wasn't until he slaughtered 30 imperial gaurds because they took his footlocker that someone took note. He of course got his footlocker back and was also invited to the Sith Academy at Korriban. By invited he was escorted by two sith apprentices. Once at the academy, he quickly rose in popularity and eviscerated his competition to climb to the top of his class. Literally, there was no one left. He was taken in by Darth Zash to be her apprentices. It wasn't long before he gained enough power to kill her and gain the title of Lord of The Sith. In her dying breath she spoke, "power will be your end." to her he replied, " everything."

During his travels attempting to find other means of gaining more power, he came acrossed a Sith Lord by the name of Lord Kresnik. They became good friends oddly enough. Together they reminded many of the days of Revan and Malak. Soon after their partnership they decided to create a following. They became quite the Sith Lords with all their eager apprentices and underlings that they needed to create a power structure. This power structure is what is now called The Order of Rosencreuz.

The Ascension of Lord Soulcatcher Avievente

Undefeated in battle, The Order of Rosencreuz was noticed by The Emperor. So much so that he wished to have an audience of the mighty Sith Lord duo. As they entered the private observatory of the great being, the air shuddered. The amount of force energy and raw power that inhabited that room was something that had never been seen before. At least not in this age. The Emperor stood to greet them. In respect to one another, they bowed at equivelent heights. There was no gap in power here, both knew that anything but a friendship could end not only their lives but the lives of everyone within the station. Lord Soulcatcher and The Order of Rosencreuz was invited to become The Emperor's right hand. He simply said to the duo, "You see, I would carry out these tasks myself, however...someone has to lead this pitiful excuse of an Empire." Lord Soulcatcher and his right hand man both understood what this meant. Soulcatcher simply bowed and turned to leave. However, before he left The Emperor's chambers, he turned and stated, "We will be the father's of a new age, an age where power rules among all strengths. everything." The Emperor cracked an evil smile as Lord Soulcatcher left. "Together, we will shape this galaxy like nothing anyone has ever seen. They will build mosoleums the size of planets in our name...if we need them."

The Influence of The Order

The Order of Rosencreuz' first executive order was to lead the official strike with Darth Malgus against the Republic for the first time since the end of the last war. The Order operated as Malgus' elite vangaurd and special forces throughout the entire campaign and has since been reassigned to other impossible missions that only they could accomplish. Not a single Lord of The Order has fallen in battle to this day. As The Empire gained new worlds, The Order's influence grew exponentially. Individuals never seen by the Empire where gaining powerfull seats among The Order as they spread throughout the entire galaxy. In fact, The Order's influence has allegedly stretched well into republic and Hutt space.

The Leadership Structure of The Order

With Lord Soulcatcher as The Lord of The Rose Cross and Lord Kresnik as Head of Their Council, leadership structures had to be created for each individual planet. Therefore, Lord Soulcatcher landed on an ideology founded on both aspects of The Republic and The Sith Empire. Starting from the top, there is one council seat represented by each planet within The Empire's influence. The council reports directly to Lord Soulcatcher himself and in turn each council member is responsible for those under him as well. Under each council member is a full ladder of nobility ranks. These nobles or Lords are the militant leadership of The Order on these planets. They act as embassadors of The Order to local governments and The Empire's occupational forces. Leadership positions can be gained and lost depending on performance or their predecessors lack of performance(See website for technicalities for power positions and leadership rolls ie: ranking in the news forum). And under each Lord is anywhere from one to three apprentices depending on current inflation within The Order. In terms of how Lords from different planets interact with one another, Lords of the same title but different planets are considered equivelent in power beuracratically. However, the positions of council members are appointed by The Lord of The Rose Cross himself(Also, see Ranking in the news section of the guild forum for information about council member power exchange). The Order has plans to create a militant group that would be below the nobility, however lack of inflation has not created a need for this yet.

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