About the guild

The Order of the Edge was founded in 1 ATC by Jedi Master Jerel Valm and Sith Lord Darth Proditor who both agreed that the galaxy would collapse if either side had too much power over the other side. They then formed the First Order of the Edge but were soon assassinated by those of their former alignments whom had dubbed them as traitors to their cause. About 16 years later Jerel Valm's unbeknownst nephew Jedi Master Arden-Kai Valm and Korda Suurn's (Darth Proditor) son Sith Lord Darth Zerrick reorganized the Order to do the same thing it was meant to do a decade and a half before.

Joining the Guild

Go to the guild website and register



Grand Jedi Master - Arden-Kai Grand Sith Master - layerop

Grand Council

Grand Jedi Master, and Grand Lord of the Sith: The Grand Master in charge of all the players in the Guild and can take on any job of council members.

Elder Consular, and Grand Inquisitor: Elder Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor are in charge of helping out guildmates

Elder Knight, and Elder Warrior: Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior in charge of recruitment and quests

War General: Chief Diplomat and commands all other troopers

Elite Agent: Acts as the guild's Head Historian

Elder Hunter: Bounty Hunter who acts as the guild's Head enforcer

Elder Smuggler: Smuggler who acts as the guild's Head Supply Officer

Other members

Rankings below are in order of class then hierarchy. No class is higher ranked than another class.


from highest to lowest in hierarchy.

Jedi Master

Jedi Knight

Jedi Padawan

Jedi Initiate


From highest to lowest in hierarchy.

Sith Master

Sith Lord

Sith Apprentice

Sith Adept

Republic Troopers

From highest to lowest in hierarchy.





Imperial Agents

From highest to lowest in hierarchy.

Black Op

Covert Op

Special Agent

Agent Initiate


From highest to lowest in hierarchy.

Master Smuggler

Expert Smuggler


Smuggler Initiate

Bounty Hunters

From highest to lowest in hierarchy.

Master Hunter

Expert Hunter


Hunter Initiate

External links

The Order's official site

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