Republic Commandos is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

Notice - This guild is dead.

Intro Story


Our official logo

300 years ago... The Sith leveled Taris. They turned a massive city into a swamp. And now... they almost did the same to Coruscant. The Senate had to act. And they did... they created... us. The Republic Commandos. We have been given an impossible mission... to invade Dromund Kaas. And kill the Emperor. But we can't do it alone. We need smugglers to get us in. And jedi to get us out. The galaxy is divided. It's fate, and everything else we hold dear is at stake. We need all the help we can get...

About the guild

The Republic Commandos are an honorable, mature guild with a military style ranking system. We are a family friendly guild which means no swearing, bad content, etc. You do not have to be a certain age to join The Republic Commando ranks, unlike some other guilds. Our guild is very organized, we have a good squad system, and a new senate grouping that handle tasks from Recruiting/Training to Spying on enemy Sith guilds and much more including planning for the game release and creating guild media.

TOR Republic Commando05:49

TOR Republic Commando

This is our new guild recruitment video. Location found in the 'External Links' section at the bottom.


The ranking system for the Republic Commandos is very organized, and new ideas to make it better are created every day. There are 3 branches, 2 sub branches, and over 30 ranks. The branches are as listed below:

Senate - Since the Commandos are to operate in some areas that are completely out of Republic space, the Republic Commandos have created their own makeshift government. This is our political branch. In charge of decisions, ranking (for specialized department positions, stated below), and pretty much running the guild. Anyone can be any rank in here, as long as you put enough work into it. We use a more primitive form of democracy for our government (We're not politicians!) so basically, we vote for our president and other senate members every month. Senate positions include:



-Supreme Court Judge



-Law Jury

-Criminal Lawyer


Navy - Our space traveling branch. In charge of moving troops to other planets, engaging in space battles, etc. Ranks include:

-Elite Fleet General

-Fleet General

-Grand Admiral





-Warrent Officer

-Master Chief Officer

-Chief Officer


-Leading Crewmen


-Junior Crewman

Army - Our main branch. In charge of fighting most battles, such as ground battles, skirmishes, etc. Also in charge of protecting bases, outposts, etc. Ranks include:

Officer Ranks (Received from Merit)






Soldier Ranks

-Sergeant- 10 months after previous rank

-Corporal- 6 months after previous rank

-Lance Corporal- 3 months after previous rank

-Private First Class- 1 month after previous rank

-Private- After Training

-Cadet- During training

-Enlisted:- Before training


One of the two sub branches, and the most common. You have the option to join a squad. You can also create your own squad when you reach the rank of 2nd lieutenant or if RepublicSoldier gives you permission. Squads have the job of protecting outposts, and doing various jobs to help the guild. Squads and their members include:

Theta Squad Logo

Theta Squad Logo

Theta Squad

Leader - 1yokoolio1








Echo Squad Logo

Echo Squad

Leader - Sammy365






Gamma Squad

Leader - Torch105






Pi logo

Pi Squad Logo

Pi Squad

Leader - MasterKitFisto





Alptha Squad(Roleplay)

Alpha Squad Logo

Leader - Jadin Kall'Mor (ScoutDude)

Demoliton: Empty

Sniper: Empty

Medic: Empty

Bravo Squad

Leader - Jagir

Bravo Squad logo

Bravo Squad Logo






Shadow Squad

Leader - Safaritrooper





"Alone we can do little, But all as one, We form a fist... The fist of the Republic!"


The second sub branch. Their jobs include transportation for mobilization and attacks/invasions, fighting in space battles, protecting the capital ship(s)(if we have any), and training any new pilots. Squadrons and their members include:

There are none at this time

Specialized Departments

Our specialized departments serve as positions chosen by the president that take care of any guild endeavors that require a specialized approach, from the Media Center to the Tactical Department.

They are as follows:


President - MasterKitFisto

Presidential Council - Jagir, MasterKitFisto, Raldaron, NinjaJedi


Chief Ambassador - Raldaron

Ambassador - Fordo

Assistant Ambassador -

Trade Department

Chief Merchant




Police Cheif - MasterKitFisto

Judge - Kexus

Captain - cpse

Sergeant - Warbandit

Media Center

Chief Director


Assistant Director/writer/artist

Recruitment and Training

Recuitment and Training Captain

Drill Sergeant/Recruitment Officer - Trooper

Assistant Trainer/Assistant Recruitment Officer


Chief Infiltrator - Jagir

Infiltrator Grade 2 - DarthNiman and Forcescream


Tactical Planning/Research Development

Chief Tactician - NinjaJedi

Tactician/Analyst/Researcher - Yokoolio, and Sammy

Assistant Tactician/Analyst/Researcher - Hebio and Vongbot

This list will be updated as necessary.


We currently have 102 members with around 20-30 of them being very active, i.e. always posting on forms, attending meetings, and serving the the Senate positions we have posted, another 20 or so being semi-active, i.e. occasionally posting, attending meetings, and serving in the Senate, the rest being inactive, which means not doing any of this (either with good reason or without).


We currently have one main leader, which is RepublicSoilder, our Master General. But we have presidents that are voted in to office that are the second in command and run the Senate. At the moment, the current president is MasterKitFisto.

Other members

Here is a complete list of all the members of the Republic Commandos:























-Epic Yoak











-Admiral Fox


-The Archion

-Cato Constantine
















-Mr. Troop











-Rifleman Arax
















-Jadda vorru















-Jack Soral









Base Setup

We will start off on Taris, after the guild has trained together to a certain level on the beginner planet[s] and we have enough money. We plant our base on Taris, and set up a daily system. There will be a Guarding force, a Raiding force, a Training force, a Patrolling force, a Trading force, and a Guild Management force. The guarding force obviously guards the perimeter both inside and outside the base. The Raiding force will go out and kill monsters for money and gear, and 50% of the earnings will be given to the treasurer. The Training force will train the new recruits either in the training grounds or in designated areas around the base. Eventually, Ord Mantell will be our training academy, and the one on Taris will be for the squads that are there, or set up as a fall back encase of something happens to Ord Mantell. If there are no recruits to train, they will train themselves. The Patrolling force will be split up. They will patrol the borders of our territory, protect the Training force, and Trading force. The Trading force will use trade gear found by the raiding party, donated by members, or received in previous trades. The Guild Management force will manage the guild. They will do jobs such as: Treasurer (Holder of money, Gear, and other items received from trade, donation, and the raiding parties. Also hands them out and sells them) Messenger (Receives and sends messages to one guild member to another).

Amount of squads needed for forces (At least):

Training - One squad

Raiding - Two Squads

Trading - One Squad

Patrolling - One squad

Guarding - Two Squads

Guild Management - One squad

Base Strategy

The base will be first set up as just that. A base with a few rooms. After we gain more money we will expand into

First: Wall enforcement (Fortify it more, add ramparts if not had)

Second: Training Grounds (If possible)

Third: Guild rooms (Add Treasurer Desk, Make base bigger)

Fourth: Boundary (Extend our territory)

Fifth: Space port (If possible)

Sixth: Repeat steps 1, 3 and 4


Now after completing steps up to five, we will start adding outposts on other planets, first on Tython and/or Ord Mantell, which we will establish as our Secondary military base(s), a fall back in case we lose our main base on Taris. We will repeat steps 1 - 5, and have our secondary work force posted there, but one squad each to each force. We will only create this base after we have more members, squads, and most of all money. We will continue posting outposts on each available planet, but focusing on defenses, and there at a minimum. For these outposts we should have 1 squad each, and only fortify them, and add a space port. Also, we will only need raiding, guarding, and guild management forces. These will have two people each in them. Raiding will have two jobs a day: collecting money for the guild and scouting around the main town.


Every base will eventually have a space port. All minor outposts will have small ships under the size of frigates that can carry at least one squad. All major outposts should have one frigate (There should only be two major outposts, on Tython and Ord Mantell). Our main base on Taris should start off with a frigate, then eventually evolve to a Capital Ship.

Joining the guild

...The Republic will battle the Sith. When they do, will you be with them?

Joining the Republic Commandos is very simple, all you must do is read our Constitution (Found Below), then PM Torch105 or RepublicSoilder on the Star Wars The Old Republic (swtor for short) website. Or you can post on our TOR recruiting forms and/or our website forms. Then all you have to do is fill this application out:

In Game Name: (Example - Fred124)

In Game Class: (Example - Trooper)

Age (optional): - (Example - 14)

Previous MMO's (optional): (Example - SWG)

Bio (optional): - (Example - I own the game Republic Commandos and I enjoy pie)

Once this is accomplished all you have to do is wait for a reply. NOTE: You do not need to be a trooper; all Republic classes are accepted.


The guild will be governed by the Master General, RepublicSoilder who is the head of the entire guild and will always hold that position. He controls everything including the army, navy and government. The President will control all government aspects: treasury, diplomacy together guilds and trade of recourses. He will be elected by the people each month. The Law Jury will make and pass laws and punishments that shall be written down clearly on the website. The Law Jury shall consist of 2 people that will be appointed by the President. The Supreme Court will validate all laws and shall compromise on all arguments. The Master General shall appoint the 3 Supreme Court Judges that shall be in office for half a year. Ambassadors to other guilds will negotiate truces and alliances. The Ambassadors will be appointed by the President. The General controls all military aspects of the guild: moment of troops, training and organization of troops. He will be elected by the War Council each month. The War Council helps plans and carries out all attacks by the army and navy. The War Council is made up all the Elite Fleet Generals, Fleet Generals, Grand Admirals, Brigadiers, Generals and Elite Generals. If no one is of those ranks than the top three ranks in both the army and navy shall hold the position.

Every Sunday there shall be a meeting between the Guild leaders and the time may very every term. Non-officer ranks shall be awarded by level, for army in increments of 5 levels and for navy in increments of 10 levels. These ranks shall never be demoted. The officer ranks shall be given out by an officer of two ranks or higher of the appointed position, the General or the Master General for their activity within the guild. These positions may be demoted due to unfavorable behavior. The only exception to these rules is if a member joins pre-game, and receives a rank then that position can never be downgraded. Rules are as follows: You don't have to be mature just have fun, NO SITH, it doesn't matter what age you are just don't act mean or obnoxious in any way, No posting adult content, No swearing, No discrimination. That includes: Gender discrimination, nationality discrimination (or race discrimination), and anything that could hurt other people's feelings, No drama: If you do happen to get in a fight either tell me the problem or work it out, listen to the rules! If you don't listen to them you will banned from the guild and the site! These rules are punishable by a stern don't do that again, demotion, kicked out of the guild and worst earning a position on the Wall of NO Honor. However if people obey the rules, donate credits/items and prove to go above and beyond the call of duty will receive awards such as being on the Wall of Honor. The guild's eventual goal is to have not only a base planet which shall be Taris, a training academy on Ord Mantell and an outpost on every other planet. The Training Academy and Home Base shall be manned by two or more squads each. The outpost shall be manned by one or more squads. There will be a rotation of the squads so if in the case of an invasion each squad will know the terrain and be able to fight back. Each guild member must eventually join a squad. A squad can be formed only from a member specified by the Master General, and must have an original name; color and no one can be a member of two squads. Each squad shall try to work together for the guild and every squad member must work together. Squads must have a meeting each week at a time they specify. Then a representative of each squad will meet during the Sunday meeting to decide the rotation and anything else. The training academy is meant to train the new recruits into an efficient fighting force and give them the armor and weapons they need to survive. The squads stationed at the training academy will teach all new recruits. The guild will receive the supplies from donations made by the guild members of anything useful.

Citing and Thanks

Thanks to MasterKitFisto for making the Constitution. Thanks to NinjaJedi for making the Base Setup. Thanks to 1yokoolio1 for making the video. Thanks to Torch105 for coming up with the idea to post our guild on this site. Thanks to 1yokoolio1 and NinjaJedi for editing this heavily and making it better. Thanks to everyone single member in the guild to contributing to it. Original idea by Torch105. Edited by NinjaJedi, 1yokoolio1, MasterKitFisto, and others. The Republic Commandos is owned by RepublicSoldier.

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