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Republic Council
The Republic Council
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic/Light & Jedi Order
Server Master Dar'Nala (PvP)
Leader(s) Jedi Master Glimmer Dast'arn
Type PvP
Voice Presently No

The Republic Council is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The Republic Council is a guild based on the Master Dar'Nala server. As the name indicates, we represent, notably in RP, the Republic in its endeavours to further the war effort against the Imperial Forces. We are a friendly, sociable and active Guild and are steadily growing in size and are currently welcoming all new members!

Although still starting anew, the Republic Council guild holds promise in that everyone within the guild works closely together to foster a sense of companionship and loyalty and there is an endearing sense of pride from each member. As the Guild continues to grow, so will our prowess throughout the Galaxy and also our ability to more actively support and uphold our Guild members.

Our guild follows a different style in that we have 7 branches within the Guild, each with their own leader. These branches work both individually and together in our guild events in order to achieve victory. The leaders of each of these segments is responsible for their branches performance within events, warzones and other such things. Listed beneath are the factions (or branches) within the guild;

Guild Branches

Upon becoming a full member of the Guild, members are given the opportunity to align themselves with a certain faction of the guild, thereby granting them a place within all events within the guild arranged by that particular leader. Members are allowed to cross between factions with permission of the Leaders. The factions are as follows;

- Melee Soldiers (Led by ________________)


- Ranged Soldiers (Led by _______________)

- Supportive Roles (Led by ______________)

- Medical Team (Led by ________________)

- Armour & Equipment Squad (Led by ________________)

- Inter-Guild Relations (Led by _________________)

- Damage, Control Roles (Led by ___________________)

Joining the guild

Our only requirement is that you be a dedicated player, committed to having fun especially with other players. We do not require you to hold a particular level, with the exception of the Council Leaders, who must be level 35-40+ due to the obligations required by their role. We welcome all classes as well, and would only request that you align yourself with the correct faction once a full member of the guild (e.g. healers with healers, etc.)

1) Contact Glimmer in game on the server, Master Dar'Nala, during the evenings and enquire about recruitment.

2) Contact the Guild Leaders via email at: with the following information, and we will contact you in game, and via email also to inform you of your acceptance into the guild.

         Character Name:
         Character Class:
         Class Specialization:
         Character Level:
         Country of Origin:
         Any other Comments:
         How did you find out about us?:

3) Alternatively, apply on our website:

4) Finally, you may also just Contact Glimmer via mail in game to arrange joining the guild. Provide a basic synopsis of your character and she will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your recruitment into the guild.

Important Notices Regarding the Guild

We have refreshed the guild and started anew - I am currently recruiting players to fill ALL ranks within the Guild and once there are enough players within the Guild, we will be beginning weekly events and working towards a Guild bank.

Currently, We are also offering a 50,000 Galactic Credit Award, to the first player to join who brings 10 other players into the Guild, and manages to stay for a minimum of a week

Guild Ranking System

Prime Councillor (1)

- This is the Title of the Guilds Grandmaster

Secondary Councillor (2)

- This title is held by the two members who are second in command next to the Prime Councillor and hold control when the Prime Councillor is absent. They have limitless power, however their decisions can be disrupted by the Prime Councillor or the conjoint unison of the Council Leaders. They may not appoint anyone to the seat of Secondary Councillor or Council Leader.

Council Leaders (7)

- Members of this circle, organise, co-ordinate and lead the events that are held by the Guild. The council members are responsible for recruitment, promotions and administrative banking work within the guild.

Vice Leaders (7)

- The members of this circle serve as the deputy to one of the council leaders. In cases where a Leader can not be present to perform their duties, their respective Vice Leader will step in to represent them until such time where the Leader may return

Council Adversaries (Particular Title)

- Granted to members who have been through as Council Initiates. They hold similar rights as the Council Knight, except that they may take on initiates, just as the Leaders can, however, upon completion, they move into Knights.

Council Knight (Restricted Title)

- This title is granted to members who have completed a minimum of 15 group events and assisted another member in gameplay. They must also have been within the guild for a minimum of a month. They have higher rights within the guild and are given access to withdraw a limited amount of money from the guild bank.

Council Initiates (General Title (Restricted))

- This title is granted to members who act as assistants to the Council Leaders. These members hold the title for a maximum of 3 weeks, and in that time, their respective Leader is responsible for assisting them in any fields of the game, especially class missions and PvP work. After the 3 week period, the title is given to another member, in order to allow for more diversity in level and character levelling.

Council Members (General Title)

- Any player who has been in the guild for a minimum of a week and participated in four group events, will be granted this title, permitting them to recruit other players and also access the guild bank. They also become eligible to choose which leader they align themselves with for guild events. Members of the different factions may with permission of guild leaders, cross into different factions both during and prior to events

Council Visitors (Opening Title)

- The primary title granted to members as they enter the guild. They hold no certain rights, but are promoted upon completing the above specified items.

All questions and concerns with the Guild may be directed to any of the above given Council Leaders, however you are welcome to contact the Guild Leader directly

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