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The Risen Phoenix Fleet is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. Currently the leaders are on the Death Winds Corridor server and is accepting worthy applicants.

About the guild

A Detachment of Old Republic Division of The Brotherhood of The Risen Phoenix. Devoted to the Sith Teachings, this detachment strives for every member to be anointed Dark Lord of the Sith.

Joining the guild

Joining the Risen Phoenix Fleet can and has been a gateway to other games and divisions of The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix. Ask Gleaoks, Harper or Fyasko on to join and they will prove your worth. You must then complete the RPHX Application Process to be fully admitted. If you are playing on Death Winds Corridor server, whisper to Gleaoks, Harper or Fyasko about joining.


Darth Gleaoks – A Version of the Joker in the most Dark Light possible.

Dark Lord Harper- Sith Sorcerer and Dueling Expert. Striving to make all players kneel before his power!

Fyasko- Sith Assassin planning on destroying the emperor and then taking over the Sith Empire.

The Risen Phoenix Fleet Member List

Darth Gleaoks, Darth Harper, Apprentice Fyasko, Lord Shayeeshta, Lord Aven, Lord Artwolf, Apprentice Valderun, Apprentice Vin’okirr, Apprentice Karrez, Lord Neok, Darth Smackbottoms, Darth Oniring, Lord Endymion, Darth Metiphis, Apprentice Vagia, Dreyar, Onichi, Bastahvilist, Comradeivan, Serican, Stunning.

We rise, like a Phoenix rises from the ashes, we shall crash the gates of the Republic and watch it burn!

External links

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