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TSO Shield20
The Sentinel Order
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server PST RP-PvE
Leader(s) HS Rohnanaas, CoS Kal-Dur, CoA Selira, CoF Azerin, CoJ Rhiza
Type Social/Raiding
Voice Ventrilo

The Sentinel Order is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

Since time immemorial The Sentinel Order has stood watch over the Republic. A group ofpeople from all backgrounds of life and society; they were traders on the Outer Rim, Senators, warriors and some even walked the halls of the Jedi Temple. They were bound by their camaraderie, and strove to be a shield to defend the Republic.

When the Republic needed them during the Hundred-Year Darkness, the Old Sith Wars, The Mandalorian Wars, and other conflicts, the Sentinels were there; always living to the pillars of The Sentinel Order…Truth, Honor, Justice and Power.

The Great Galactic War was no different. Throughout the conflict whispers were heard of a secret society that worked outside of the Senate, dedicated to defending the Republic. Stories were told of secret battles in the Outer Rim, or clandestine missions deep inside the Empire. Most who heard these stories dismissed them as mad ramblings or colorful conversation to fill the cantinas. But to those who knew their history, they knew the stories were true, and they knew it could only be The Sentinel Order.

Dedicated to one another, The Sentinel Order still takes care of their own. It is what has set them apart from the various other societies, trading guilds, or Para-military organizations throughout the history of the Republic. A Sentinel knows that to be respected, they must first respect themselves and the Order. They live by the pillars of the Order, their actions to be honored. And when a Sentinel is called on by the Order, they will always bring their best. For this is what it means to be a Sentinel!

Guild Organization

Sentinel's Council: The Sentinel's Council is the executive body of the guild. Their duties are to oversee all aspects of the guild. Any concerns with other councils duties or decisions can be brought before the council and if necessary a decision will be voted upon with the Grand Sentinel's vote counting as two votes. Permanent members of the council are the Sentinel Marshals and High Commanders.

Council of the Shield: Responsible for organizing, maintaining, and guiding TSO's Operations team and overseeing the leads for Combat Teams and their respective Assault Teams.

Council of Justice: The duty of the Council of Justice is oversee and regulate any disputes or conduct unbecoming of The Sentinel Order. If circumstances dictate the council will hear any disputes. Any judgements made by the Council can be appealed to the Sentinel's Council. If this happens the Chancellor of Justice will not be allowed to vote on the matter. However, it will be the duty of the Chancellor to present their case and reasoning for the council's judgement in the case.

The Sentinel Academy: Responsible for recruitment as well as overseeing all initiates to the guild. Council members should help initiates to feel a part of the guild and aid in their transition to Padawans.

Council of Finance: Responsible for the financial stability of the guild as well as trade and crafting.

Council of War: The PvP of the guild

Council of State: Responsible for external relations of the guild. Forming alliances, maintaining alliances, and addressing any external concerns with our guild.

Council of the Steward:The RP of the guild

Membership and Joining TSO

TSO's focus is on our members, a dedication to one another, and an environment we not only enjoy but are proud to be a part of. Raiding, RP, PvP, these are secondary. To be respected means more than excelling in these areas. Our members come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. What brings us together is our camaraderie. That camaraderie is built off of...

-respect of other members, and our server community as a whole -a willingness to help out -friendly conversations -desire of a mature community with little to no drama -enjoyment of exploring content as opposed to just getting gear -teamwork knowing that we are only as good as our fellow Sentinels

Realizing that whenever you bring many people of different backgrounds and ideas together, disagreement or ‘drama’ might arise. Through a well-organized guild we attempt to avoid much of that, or at least keep it from becoming a distraction with the members at large. Much of that starts with who we bring into the guild in the first place. For these reasons, if you are interested in becoming a Sentinel, we ask that you look over our recruitment information and guild structure located within our public forums.

Council of The Shield (Ops Team)

The Sentinel Order is a guild that is focused on bringing our best to every aspect of The Old Republic. We are organized using solid and battle-tested, real-world principles. We are not in it for the gear or the server firsts, but to have fun and enjoy all the content and immerse ourselves into the Star Wars universe.

Casual & Progressive Operations will be our “end game” focus, but we will be building our skills and teamwork methodically so when we arrive, we’ll be ready for the challenges. We will progress through content, but we are all (or for the most part) people with families, jobs and other obligations so we will not be hardcore and do this in a fun and casual environment

Organized: TSO is built, as is TOR, on a base number of 4. Flashpoints are run in 4-person teams and larger Operations in 8 and 16-person teams. As such TSO has organized the same:

One 16-person Operations team Two 8-person Combat teams Four 4-person Assault teams

Ops nights will be Monday and Thursday evenings 830pm-1200am PST. For more information on our Ops team please see our Council of The Shield forums.

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