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The Stygian Empire is a Star Wars: The Old Republic from The Bro Code Gaming. We are a group of friends who built and created a guild for everyone to join and enjoy the games we play as well. We all love Star Wars and love the game SW:TOR. Our goal is become a heavy dedicated raiding and pvp guild, along with a dedicated community who strive for perfection and challenges.

About The Guild

Stygian was formed by a group of gamers from different MMO's to join together in SW:TOR. Sinidious took the role of being Guild Master (Emperor), the other founders took the role of Dark Council or High Council to coordinate and make decisions as a group and not a one man show. During the Early Release of SW:TOR Stygian has recruited over 50 recruits, and 50 to 60 more upon the peak hours of release on Dec. 20th, many of which are progressing through the ranks of Stygian. The Guild STYGIAN was disbanded shortly after where Oreomaster resubscribed and Sinidious was born. Due to the locked servers no one played wound in the Force anymore, so with the free character transfer we moved to The Bastion our current home server.

The Stygian Empire is now rebuilding it's Empire. Join and become a part of an adventure of weekly raids, ops, and just random fun with open roles of Sith Lordship and Officer(Non-Force Users).

To Join

In-Game request an invitation to the guild and you may be placed into the recruit status. Anyone in the guild has the ability to invite a recruit into the ranks.


The Recruit is the entry level rank in the guild. This rank is for those whose level is between 1-19 and/or all newcomers regardless of there level. To progress from this rank you must show activity and registration on the guilds website then will be auto promoted to your respective rank per your characters' level.

  • Example: A level 50 joins the guild but does not become a Saber or Commander until he is approved to leave recruit rank.

Notable Guild Members

Guild Leader

Dark Council [Officers]


The Roles are controlled by a Council Member and an Apprentice. These two work together to do there roles.

Guild Leader

Emperor Sinidious is in charge of the guild overall managing the Dark Council & High Council in all aspects of the guild.

  • Leader - Emperor Sinidious


'Dark Lord/Grand Admiral ************ and Sith Lord/Admiral '************ work in Stygian's Operations. They conduct Raids, flashpoints, and team oriented events in the guild.

  • Leader - ************
  • Leader - ************


Grand Admiral **** and his Apprentice Admiral **** are in charge of the PvP. They conduct PvP events from Warzones to World PvP.

  • Leader - ************
  • Apprentice - ************


Dark Lord/Grand Admiral ***********' and Sith Lord/Admiral '************ seek allies and adversaries for the empire.

  • Leader - ************
  • Apprentice - ************



  • None yet


  • All Republic Guilds


The Stygian Empire welcomes all members into the guild as recruits and into their ranks!


The Stygian Empire guild Website


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