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The Thirteenth Legion
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server The Ebon Hawk
Leader(s) On the forums as AlejandroThrace and Sami_jo
Type Casual, RP, Social
Voice Mumble, 50 slot

The Thirteenth Legion is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

We are a Republic faction Star Wars: The Old Republic guild that is on "The Ebon Hawk" server (which is a RP-PvE server in EST).

The mission of this guild is to share good roleplaying experiences and help members in conquering PVE instances while maintaining an out-of-game atmosphere of friendship and civility. The Thirteenth Legion is based in Atlanta among professional, enlightened, post college-age RPG fans.

We are a casual guild, which means we’re expecting about 10 hrs of play or less a week from most folks. If you want to play 40 hours a week, then that's fine. We’re big enough and global enough to have a few folks on nearly all the time. We welcome hardcore players even though the guild is mostly focused on casual players.

We are a RP-PvE guild, which means that we expect to do some RP via in-game experiences, chat, and posted fiction. You don't have to participate in RP, but you have to at least appreciate RP. We will participate in PvP and endgame content as secondary goals that Legionnaires are welcome to participate in if they choose to do so.

We are a mature guild, which means that most of the Legionnaires are 30 or older. We would prefer if people younger than college-age did not join the guild. We don’t want to babysit, and we don’t want to feel uncomfortable about having to edit ourselves among younger players. We want to play with people our own age – and you should, too.

We are a professional guild, which means that most of the Legionnaires have a full-time job and run their own household. Our members include surgery technicians, attorneys, software engineers/developers, scientists-teachers-professors, full time college students, military personnel, realtors, and businessmen. This is a diverse and brainy group of folks. We have a good sense of perspective. The real world is more important than this game. We have the patience and wisdom and experience in how to get along in a group like adults because we are adults.

We are a friendly guild, which means that we are interested in mentoring new players, acting responsibly online, and creating a fun and supportive environment to play in. We support good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior. Griefing, bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, cheating, stealing, and the use of hax or gliding programs are not tolerated.

We are a fun guild, which means we like to play! Our hobbies are as diverse and meaningful as our jobs. From basketball to Dungeons and Dragons to nerf-gun fights, we like to have fun. We like to tell jokes and pass around Monty Python memes! We are all playing The Old Republic because we love Star Wars and we think that this game is going to be fun.

We are not here for pwning n00bs, high-end raiding, PvP, powerleveling, or gear. If you're looking for these kind of experiences, you're in the wrong place.

We Only Have Three Rules

Rule #1: Be nice. (Follow the Guide to Etiquette and Code of Conduct).

Rule #2: Be here. (You should spend more game-time playing a XIIIth Legion character than not playing one - we want to be your main guild).

Rule #3: Be active. (Log into and lurk on the forum at least monthly and play at least monthly - if you’re going to be gone longer than that, let us know).

Benefits of Membership

By agreeing to follow these three tiny rules, you can reap the benefits for membership.

Rich, supportive, colorful RP environment. This guild is founded as an RP guild with a rich backstory of allies and enemies that was designed to be able to incorporate your individual story. You will have the opportunity, if you so choose, to RP via post, chat, or voice. You aren’t required to RP in this guild, you just have to not harass the people who choose to.

Four characters slots are reserved for you. This is an RP guild and we understand wanting to explore Bioware’s storylines. You can have up to four characters on our guild roster at a time.

Opportunities for Empire-side play. By joining the XIIIth Legion, you have 4 slots reserved for you in our Empire-side guild. This guild has much less activity than the XIIIth Legion and mainly focused on cultivating opposition for our Republic characters.

Scheduled events are frequent and open to all members. Our officers lead one event a month. Additionally, there is a RP guild meeting on the 13th of each month at 9:00 PM.This provides plenty of opportunity for RP events, flashpoint runs, heroic groups, datacron crawls, and world-boss kills. Check the calendar for details.

Extensive knowledge about and feedback on gameplay. This group spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to do things with the game. By joining the Legion, you have access to a group of friendly and knowledgeable people who can help you build the kind of character and play the kind of game that makes you happy. We recognize that the best and most optimal character is the one YOU like to play.

Generous sharing of crafted and found items. The XIIIth Legion has a variety of crafters at all levels from 1 to 400 that have proven to be very generous with crafted items, as well as items picked up that are not useful to the original character. Members are allowed one free withdrawal from each of our three bank tabs a week, and if you want more than that, all you have to do is ask an officer to withdraw it for you.

Large, active, ad-free website. This website is the heart of our communication and interaction. There’s always something interesting going on and it’s free of annoying advertisements. We also have a Facebook page.

Guild store. The guild maintains a Cafepress Store where guild gear is available at cost.

Voice Chat. We have a 50-slot Mumble server for our exclusive use. It’s divided into several channels so that people can have a private area for their group.

RP Backstory

Our backstory is that we were a unit of republic troopers that were tasked with fighting a suicidal holding mission to delay the Sith and their Mandalorian mercenaries long enough for the Senate to flee the sack of Coruscant. We were successful, but most of our troopers and all of the senior officers were killed in action. Some were MIA after the sack of Coruscant and were presumed to have joined the Empire. The XIIIth Legion is being rebuilt. We've taken troopers from plenty of other units that could spare them. We've taken in Jedi that are dissatisfied with the Jedi Council's noninvolvement stance. We've taken in a lot of "independent shipping captains" who know the back lanes of all the spaceways.

Then we're going to take it back to the Sith, and the bucketheads, for some revenge...

More on our backstory

More about RP in the XIIIth Legion

Joining the guild

Do you have what it takes to be a Legionnaire?

If you are interested in applying to this guild, you must do three things.

1. Read up on who and what we are. Check out the public information out our guild including the behavior we expect from our guild members, information for prospective members, and our background story. (Found in a box on the right side of this page). If you want, find us in game and ask questions.

2. Join our website (this one) and apply. You'll have to make an enjin account first and fill out a guild application. The answers will be posted for review by our members. Please make sure your responses to application questions are thorough. Give us enough information to let us know that you're adult, friendly, and fun. We need a little bit of background about yourself to so we can see if you'd fit in. We're far more interested in who you are and the RP background of your character than things like previous MMO experience or gear.

3. Check in every few days. You should come back to Enjin to keep updated about your application status. Often, I will want more information about something in your application.

Allies and Adversaries

We also welcome our allies and adversaries to join this guild as associate members. That means that you have access to our forums and calendar so that you can communicate and coordinate with us, but will not be placed on the in-game guild roster. You'll also be welcome to participate in our events if there are open spots and hang out with us on Mumble. Please note that you are an ally/adversary and are not in line for membership on your application.

Contact Information

If you need to contact the guild leader of The Thirteenth Legion to discuss something that happened in-game or have questions about the guild, please PM me through the SWTOR website with the username Sami or email me at sbrogliare at gmail dot com. If there was an incident involving someone in this guild, I beg of you to contact me via PM or by email and let me know what happened

External links

Our Guild Website

RP in the XIIIth Legion

Expected Behavior and Code of Conduct

Guide to Etiquette and Looting

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