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The Verge
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galatic Republic
Server The Sword of Ajunta Pall
Leader(s) Solmira
Type PVP
Website n/a
Voice Skype

The Verge is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Currently The Verge is at 30 semi-active players with 10 of these being daily players. They are looking to expand in hopes of getting to end-game content and completing ops and hard modes. Rehsif and Hawks are the two main members of the group and will help with Flashpoints, Quests or any questions a player may have. They also have an incentive program that if you invite 5 other members who stay in the guild to be put in a draw for 50k worth of credits.

Joining the guild

Send an in game message or mail to Rehsif or Solmira, all applicants will be messaged back as soon as possible.

Notable Members

  • Solmira
  • Rehsif
  • Mikhaila
  • Fraaz
  • Hawks
  • Norm
  • Righty

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