Thoughtbludgeon is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The guild was initially founded in Star Wars Galaxies on the Wanderhome Server for the Imperial faction. After a couple of years of wreaking havoc in outposts and towns, and having fun, the guild and its members ventured out to other games afterwards (EQ, EQII, COH, COV, GW, WoW, and many others), but we never forgot the game that started it all. Six years after SWG, we are looking to get back to our roots with the upcoming release of SWTOR. We'd like you to come along for the ride again.

The majority of active guild members will be pre-ordering, and making a best attempt at getting into the beta (should there be one), and will be playing on launch day.

The guild requirements for SWTOR are:

· Alignment: Sith only. · Server type: PVP. · Server location: US Server. · Races and Classes: Accepting all races and classes. · Voice Chat: Ventrillo. · Language: English, preferably. · Age bracket: 18+ · Guild Website: Thought Bludgeon · Recruitment Forum: Thought Bludgeon Recruitment · Guild Contacts: Edgey (Guild Leader), Dvil, Zleeper, Hoyce.

What type of recruits are we looking for?

We are currently looking for mature players of all genres, whether you like to PVP, PVE, Craft or RP, Casual or hardcore, young and old, whatever strikes you as fun, there's a place for you. We recognize that a well rounded guild only serves to better all the players of the guild. If you like to create havoc and destruction while LOLing all the way, this may be the place for you! We acknowledge that this is a video game, used for entertainment purposes, and we treat it just like that. No srs bsns, pls.

What to expect?

The core players in this guild have known each other for past 6+ years, and are very aware that everyone has a life besides the game. Most of us have a wife, kids, jobs, or a bed to get back into at some point. So do not expect this guild to be very strict, uptight, serious, soft spoken, by the book, or sober all the time. We are a bunch of laid back players that just like to have fun, wreak havoc, destroy stuff, get drunk, party, and make fun of something/someone while playing the game! We don't take things too seriously, and like to enjoy ourselves at all costs.

So if this guild sounds good for you, post in the recruitment forum, or fill out an application. If not, good luck, have fun, and may the force be with you!

Joining the guild

Interested in joining Thoughtbludgeon?


Frequently updated on teh website

Rave Lade Jundon Ofod Rich Gone Rekknaw Izurx Ludi Alrevolis Olai Tibair Lobam Roxy Gheris Rex Construct37 Sindorin Slicer LilHammie Tarvous Jaxhammer Akashu Pirassi Issowi Blake Itopa Mystdragon Good Lookin Tutok Forbac Anu Settbacca Ackis Tobe Mangual GarVa Delta9 valuthor Jesterphatt Lopist Flyingstar Faqui Andromeda Benjy Thumper Red Skull Omerta Boss John Arganth Malorick Maks El Zmey Satine Pellet Trin Tavtrin Fizgig Avari Incar Cerated Wiggen Deshwitat Jerra Rilo Milky Typhon Lokomi Furrycheese Wardar Maelsar Steelefleece Redhammer Darkfire Ghoulbone Qaz Brontugore Orkemides DarkGanja LizzyT Liuyeqing Lasher Tokum Dies Hard Mincey Nephatiti Cygnet Ritzenhoff Crom Torce Zaebal Cursetodeath


Thought Bludgeon Guild Leader EDGEY

Thought Bludgeon Guild Officers Zleeper Dvil Hoyce

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