Trans World Operations is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild


Operating from Trader's Quarter, Ord Mantell, Trans World Operations (TWO) is expanding its business further into the Mid Rim Territories to tap new and rare resources and open up markets of quality products.

TWO will develop and maintain an own security department to ensure the safety of all projects and it's employees by all means necessary.

With these tasks at hand TWO is looking to hire skilled spacers, talented craftsmen and fierce troopers.

All interested applicants please report to the recruitment office!


Trans World Operations (TWO) is a Star Wars: The Old Republic RP/PvX casual to hardcore guild and will be playing on a (EU) PvP or RP/PvP server if available. TWO will have a strong crafting background to support its PvE and PvP division and will strive to be a well known brand for quality products.

TWO is open to Smugglers and Troopers of all playstyles. Since even the most casual player can contribute great deals to a guild through offline (crew-)skills, TWO strongly believes in a casual player base and core group depending on each other and giving mutual support.

Therefore TWO doesn't impose obligations on it's members and endorses freedom of choice. Guild applications forms, use of forums, voip etc is not required for membership, unless an individual should wish to join certain member groups or to apply for leading positions.

TWO is a light RP guild, meaning that no one will ever be forced to roleplay, but TWO will provide a roleplay friendly setting and background as a front company for its smuggling deals and Republic support. Due to this setting, Jedi are not allowed to join TWO in general.

The main goal for TWO will always be to provide a well organized and fun surrounding for its members to enjoy all aspects Star Wars: The Old Republic has to offer.

Joining the guild

As of now, simply visit the HQ and hit the apply button.

Joining the guild website and boards is totally optional at this point, but is subject to change come release and depending on which division a member chooses to join.


Please visit our HQ roster

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Recruitment Thread

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