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Travelers of the Veiled Path
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server The Ebon Hawk
Leader(s) Mirriah, Sindàre
Type RP Casual - Serious

Travelers of the Veiled Path is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the Guild

Travelers of the Veiled Path (TotVP) is a small RP guild. We are focused more on quality than quantity. We are purposefully small! Being a small group encourages close-knit interactions and builds friendships that are more meaningful. We take pride in knowing our Class roles, being able to play them well and being an asset to any group. We are primarily mid-level players (20 – 40) who are enjoying the path and taking in all the sights. We have jobs, families, and responsibilities outside the game and realize that while we sometimes wish we could make the world go away so we could game, that rarely happens and RL comes first. We are not seeking the highest level gear, to be leet PvP'ers, or desire to spend our time running from one HM to the next.

We are Republic based and most of us are light side with a few neutral thrown in for fun. We do not discriminate based on class. All classes are welcomed!

We are:

- mature players with jobs and families.
- serious gamers focused on enjoying the journey.
- the type to take every mission on a planet...and DO them!
- role-players with many years of experience (MMO & Pen and paper).
- willing to learn from each other.
- considerate and helpful.
- anti-drama (unless it's the good RP kind that adds interest).
- interested in making the guild members experiences the best we can.
- pre-launch players, beta testers and post-launch newcomers.
- fun, easy-going, sometimes sarcastic and easy to talk to.

We are not:

- elitist.
- PVP focused.
- hard mode FP seekers.
- gear whores.
- zergers.
- going to let a game run our lives.

We are looking for:

- mature players, 21 years of age and over.
- role-players of any experience level (we all started somewhere).
- casual to serious players.
- the players who take every quest on a planet...and DO them!
- players who aren't in a hurry to do endgame “right now.”
- friendly, out-going, drama-free people.
- people who understand RL comes before game time.
- those who enjoy SWTOR even with it's flaws.

Role-play Guild Foundation

“Travelers of the Veiled Path,” said the smuggler over blaster fire.

“Hmm, I like that,” came the reply amidst the hum of lightsabers swinging. “Tell me more.”

Over time, he did tell her more. The story went that people from all walks of life had come together for a united purpose. As any path does, sometimes the road forks and you are faced with a choice. Choices were made and people went different ways. Some stayed until the next fork in the road, a few longer still. Eventually most of them felt the pull of a different path. The call of the unknown is sometimes too much to ignore. There may be one final destination, but many ways to get there and each individual must seek the path that speaks to them.

It was called the Veiled Path because only those who sought it out would find it. Many people walked right past without seeing it, without knowing it was there. It was always visible to those that answered the call of something more important than just themselves.

I guess I've crossed onto that Veiled Path,” the Jedi thought.

The two traveled along, aiding the Republic, restoring order and peace where they could. Two became four when the Jedi met two others of the Order who also shared her views and her determination to make the galaxy a better place. Four turned into six, seven, ten. They kept growing in number as the journey continued. They were all of one purpose, one ultimate goal. They consisted of Jedi, military men and women, healers, medics, smugglers.

The unlikely bunch traveled along the Veiled Path, strengthening each other, protecting and looking out for one another. Most importantly, they served the people of the galaxy with compassion, honor, and dignity. No need went unmet, no promise went unfulfilled, no cry ignored. They would fight the evils put in their way, they would continue on when others questioned, doubted and gave up. They would not rest until every man, woman and child could sleep peacefully at night without fear.

Joining the Guild

If you're interested in speaking to us, contact Mirriah in-game (via whisper or holo-mail) or find our guild recruitment application here:

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