True Sith is a Imperial alligned RP/PVE/PVE Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild


The Sith Conquest of the Republic, although successful, is not progressing as fast as the Emperor and the Dark Council first envisaged. The Dark Council then consided in offering a reprise to the Republic, offering them peace and more importantly survival, an offer they couldn't ignore. Many Sith thought that it was a betrayal of the ancient Sith tradition and the Galactic Republic didn't deserve survival.

Treaty of Coruscant

Whilst some anti-treaty Sith held their breath as intelligence reports to the high ranking Sith suggested that the Republic capital of Coruscant was a target of a major attack and the treaty was a trick, some Sith didn't believe it and started forming opposition to the treaty. When it was discovered that the attack on Coruscant was indeed a tactic intended to push the Republic into a corner into signing the treaty as opposed to wiping out the Republic the Jedi altogether, the leaders of the opposition group called the True Sith, as it grew in popularity with many Sith and Imperials joining, even to the extent of forming a Sith Council to shadow the Dark Council led by a Dark Lord to leader the sect and continue the war at any-costs.

Sith rivalry

The forming of the True Sith sect of the Empire encouraged some young, inexperienced and arrogant acolytes and apprentices to challenge members of the True Sith as well as minor loyalist masters until the Dark Council conceded that the True Sith was partially correct and was to be allowed to continue its operations, fearing that a split, if significant, could seriously damage the stability of the Sith Empire altogether.

The True Sith transferred many of the best trained units of the Empire's Army and Navy to form a Special Force in which to carry out its attacks on key Republic locations.


Within the True Sith non-humans became more accepted than within the regular ranks of the Empire, with the Sith Lords of the True Sith respecting the strength and power of any Sith Lord, regardless of his or her species. Despite this, many human supremacists within the True Sith remained anti-alien, but since the majority of the Command Staff had little problem with aliens they agreed to just steer clear of the non-humans in the Order.

Joining the guild

To join the guild simply go to our forums create an account and fill out an application in the new-recruits section.

In the application as well as including OOU information such as your country of residence, preferred play-style, gaming history and previous guild memberships and TOR information such as the class you intend to play as. You will be asked to provide a little insight into your IU character, such as his/her name, gender, age and a short backstory.

You will also have to say which unit you wish to join, Intelligence, Army and Navy. The Sith Order is for the Inquisitor and Warrior only and is not a unit in the same way as the other three, joining it is not perminant and members will be transferred across once they progress to Apprentice or further.



True Sith Ranks


  • Sith Council
    • Dark Lord of the True Sith: Darth Bythion
      • Director of Intelligence: Darth Romana - (Sith Master)
      • Admiral: None, (Position open)
      • General: Lord Orgabra
      • Head of the Academy: None, (Position open)
      • Moff Council
        • Grand Moff: None, (All positions open)
          • Moff: Darth Atrer - (Section Chief and Sith Lord)
          • Moff: Maltalionis - (Sergeant)
          • Moff: Turik Khan - (Sith Lord)
          • Moff: Apollo - (Senior Intelligence Officer)

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