UK Galactic Council is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the Guild

The UK Galactic Council is a casual, PVP/PVE Republic Guild which is targeted towards encouraging players to have FUN but still getting the job done correctly and to a high standard. The main idea behind this Guild is to encourage guild players to level up together and share our experience with eachother along the way. Despite what level you are in-game or your previous experience, the Guild encourages you to simply have fun.

What's in a Name?

Don't be put off by the 'UK' part of our Guild name. This simply reflects the 'time-frame' we'll be playing in. We're an inclusive Guild and will be more than happy to consider membership applications from anyone interested in joining us. We currently have American, Canadian, French and UK citizens within our Guild.


The ultimate aim of the guild is to get to a level where we are able to take on more seasoned players from the Empire and play the coveted end-game content such as flashpoints and operations. We aim to be a social guild however voice chat via mic is not a requirement.

Time Commitments

As a casual guild we do not require you to set a specific amount of time each week dedicated to SW:TOR as we recognise that not everyone has that much time with work and other social commitments. However, once the guild becomes more established we will probably allocate specific days each week to engage in flashpoints and other team-based levels dependant on the availability of other players.


Guild Leader Grand Master RussSen
General Officer Councillor Deadsaber
Events Officer Councillor Eviloeel
Events Officer (Raid Leader) Master NinjaOllie
Master Flamewizo
Recruitment Officer SpecOps Cdr Pohl Starkadder
Crafting Master
Gathering Master Master Shryne
Jedi Archivist Padawan Assam Tii

Guild Size

Ideally this will be a small guild (around 40-60 members) so that everyone gets to know eachother well.

We have now breached the 50 member mark so Guild Max is fast approaching.

We always aim to promote democracy with all players having a say via the private forums before any change is implemented. However, there is NO minimum forum use per week to stay as a member.

The guild is currently open to players 18+ however exceptions may be made on the premise that inducted members handle themselves maturely at all times and share the same game ethic as the guild: HAVE FUN!! Guild recruitment status is currently open. To join the guild please sign-up here: I hope that you are still interested in the guild and hope that you strongly consider applying to the guild. Please apply through both the websites below. They have similar questions so just do a copy & paste job!

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