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Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild

Lore of the UNDERVERSE

Hail fellow Sith's,

A Sith Empire Pledged Guild on CST/EST timezone UnderVerse Will be replenishing its ranks to prepare for the upcomming war with the Republic forces, and our ancient enemy the Jedi Order. Our core or Council membership (officers) have been in MMO's since U.O and EQ. We enjoy endgame content, PvP warzones, and open world PvP. We will enjoy a mature player base that can and will work together to better further the Guild twords its goals



GM Name: Anachronox

Guild Leadership Type: Council Rule


Server type: PvP

We are an established core group of friends and raiders that have been playing together successfully leading guilds and destroying end games across multiple MMO's. Our intent is to raid end-game content at a high level with a casual approach. We will be assisting each other in the leveling process and enjoying the game in a friendly environment.

What UnderVerse will offer to its Warriors:

  • Endgame Focus on PVE Flashpoints. Helping and assisting as we Level.
  • Focus on PVP, Guild Run events, Guild Teams, to establish and Gear our members.
  • Mature, Yet fun memberbase.
  • Our memberbase working together on tradeskills, and gathering.
  • Our own website with Forums, and Ventrilo access.
  • Guild sponcered PvP events, Warzones(raids).

What UnderVerse will Demand from its Warriors:

  • First and foremost its a game, have fun!
  • Teamwork, Our empire will dominate because of its memberbase.
  • Master your class, in order for UnderVerse to be the best, we need the best!
  • Use of Forums, and Vent when required.
  • Attendance for scheduled Events.

......Travel to the UnderVerse, Join the Legion that Embraces the DarkSide!! Apply CLICK HERE!

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