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Guildlaunch avatar vsquad
V Squad
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server Sith Wyrm
Leader(s) Vincer Kaden
Type PvE, Questing, Group Content
Voice Optional

V Squad is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

V Squad is a mature, friendly guild for players looking for a drama-free environment to enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic. Members have no demands or requirements placed on them, beyond being respectful and mature.

V Squad operates out of typical East Coast U.S. timezone hours, with extended periods of availability on weekends.

Group-centric events are planned and coordinated for the benefit of it's members. Advancement is done against the story progression, with a focus on immersion and ensuring that all areas are explored to the best of our ability.

The guild is organized against the various gameplay systems available. This encourages members to take up areas of expertise to help others. Such organization includes Ground, Space, and Ordnance.

Solo play and alt-characters are allowed, and real-life is considered to come first.

For more information, refer to the official site Database and "LEARN"... Guildlaunch buttons

Joining the guild

To join the guild, refer to the APPLY section of the official site. You may also explore more about the guild by posting on the public forums to interact directly with other squad members. Trial periods are granted by the squad leader.

Once accepted, new recruits can read the DEPLOY section of the official site.

Notable Members

Vincer Kaden - Commander of V Squad, experienced in guild leadership from years of squad and city management in Star Wars Galaxies

Cyra Sedaris - Lt. Commander of V Squad, similarly experienced as a second-in-command.

[1] - Full list of current squad members.

External links

Visit the official site:

Vsquad recruitment 006
Vsquad recruitment 001

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