Vanguard of Justice is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.


Our goal is to develop and maintain a singular SWTOR gaming clan, founded on the principles on camaraderie, honor and justice. We aim to provide you, the members, with quality live gaming entertainment that will inspire you to come back for years to come. To this end, we invite you to have a look around, pose any questions you might have, or just read the written word – you won’t be disappointed in what you find.


Vanguard of Justice formed in 2009 AD originally as a small but tightly-knit group of SW gamers participating in live SW simulation entitled "StarWars Odyssey" - played mostly over an IRC channel. During that time, strong bonds were forged and a hardcore group of gamers have adventured in various online games together, ever since.

In 2009, Vanguard of Justice began seeking a new gaming experience and with the budding promise of a highly anticipated MMO, SW: The Old Republic, they have decided to expand their focus to include live role-play during the TOR era, in preparation for the game to come.

What the future holds we can only imagine, what is certain, however, is that the Vanguard of Justice shall continue to live by its code of honor and seek to inspire others wherever they roam...

IC Origins

-= The room around you darkens, and the holographic emitter in the center of the room flickers to life... =-

-= The figure of a man, wearing Jedi robes, stands before you and bows. =-

"In late 2 ATC, a conference was called by many of the new, younger generation of military, political, and social leaders of the Galaxy, in order to discuss the continuing breakdown of the Treaty of Coruscant, and the inevitable resurgence of open full-scale conflict with the Sith Empire."

"This gathering, known as 'The Conference on the Current State of the Galaxy', consisted of a group of fresh thinkers and young idealists, just starting to come into their own. At the conference, they mutually decided to create a draft of consensus, in which to outline in condensed form, the many problems of the Republic, and how they could be solved."


The Conference was held in Castle Organa, on Alderaan.

"Once consensus was reached, the talks turned to what could be done to remedy the many ailings of the Republic, and how those remedies would need to be enacted. In order to bring about an effective means of countering the Sith Empire's quest for domination over the Galaxy, the following document, known now as the Constitution of the Vanguard of Justice, was created.

This was the result of their efforts..."

-= You are then able to read the document as it is displayed in full. =-


ARTICLE I - Common Purpose

In this council, convened in the great Castle Organa of Alderaan, and comprised of a gathering of like-minded though diverse individuals, with the intention to form a society with a united and common purpose, do hereby outline our following goals:

Section 1.

To bring about the end of the Sith, their Empire, and their dominion over any and all Sentient beings, by the most direct, efficient, and ethical means possible.

Section 2.

To seek out, expose, and destroy sources of oppression and injustice wherever they may exist.

Section 3.

To render aid and assistance, to the best of our ability and at every opportunity, to the Republic, it's allies, and innocent beings everywhere, whenever and wherever they are in need of it.

Section 4.

To always act as an example to others of honest, ethical, moral, and compassionate behavior, in order that the Galaxy may be a better place for all sentient life.

ARTICLE II - Recognition of Circumstances

As a necessary first step in accomplishing the goals set forth in Article I, those gathered and signed do hereby declare our understanding of, and the need to recognize, the following:

Section 1.

The Sith have been successful in bringing the Republic to the edge of defeat, because they present a unified effort an purpose.

Section 2.

The Republic has been unsuccessful in repelling the aggression of the Sith, because it is divided, with it's various elements having been unable to reconcile their inherently contrasting goals and agendas.

Section 3.

The circumstances in Section 2 are neither conducive to, nor likely to, reconcile their differences in the future, without a new, yet-to-be-contrived influence.

Section 4.

We recognize the lack of unifying influence in the Republic, and therefore the need to create such an influencing factor, in order to encourage necessary change.

ARTICLE III - Identification of Action

It is therefore recognized as necessary by those gathered, witnessed, and signed to this document, to overcome the preceding obstacles to victory by way of the following actions:

Section 1.

To organize a society that unifies it's members into a common purpose and approach to resisting the Sith threat.

Section 2.

To recruit members from positions of influence within all elements of the Republic, in order to guide those elements toward the common purpose.

Section 3.

To recruit members of quality skill and impeccable character, so that they may serve as

Section 4.

To at all times both vigorously and by the strongest means possible, oppose the forces of domination, oppression, and injustice to those that are too weak, helpless, discouraged, or otherwise powerless to do so for themselves.

Section 5.

To at all times meet the challenge to combat the forces of the Sith Empire, or any others that would seek to deprive the innocent and deserving of their rights and privileges afforded to all sentient beings by the Constitution of the Republic, or similar governing creed.

ARTICLE IV - Conditions of Implementation

We do further recognized the failures of past organizations who have attempted to meet threats to the Republic and all free sentient life forms, through a common purpose, only to be corrupted to do it harm instead. Chief among examples would be that of the Revanchist movement three hundred years ago.

In order to prevent the unintended consequences of the past, as well as public and political backlash in light of perceived or contrived motives for our actions, this society does recognize the following conditions must be met by each member in service to our society.

Section 1.

This society must not be secret or hidden from those in positions of authority within the Republic.

Section 2.

The actions of this society must be both public and transparent, always open to oversight and review.

Section 3.

Purposefully obscuring membership in this society may only be permissible in situations where other members, allies, or innocent people would be harmed by the knowledge of the member's affiliation with it.

Section 4.

Members of this society may not operate outside of the law except in situations strictly authorized by the governing body of jurisdiction, and must at all times adhere to the policies and orders enforced on them by the element of the Republic the member belongs to. For instance, soldiers must still follow their superior's orders. Smugglers may not operate illegally in Republic space. Etc.

Section 5.

Members of this society will be at all times expected to give their best effort through their own actions, the guidance of their subordinates, and persuasion of their superiors, to make decisions favorable to the tenets of our society. In this united purpose, through influence on decision-making and action, will we assist in the unification of the fractured elements of the Republic, in order to meet and expunge the threat of the Sith and their Empire.

We, the undersigned, pledge our loyalty and service to this new entity and it's common purpose. We do declare our intention to tirelessly put forth all our effort to bring honor and respect in all that we do, while in pursuit of this common purpose. We pledge this both to ourselves, to the Republic, and to this society, which shall hereafter be known as the Vanguard of Justice.


-- Character Signatures Below --

"This document, signed by the forming members of the Vanguard of Justice, ushered in the creation of the organization of which you are now a part. At all times you should endeavor to uphold it's values and purpose, so that you may be both proud and honored to bear the crest of the Vanguard."

-= The figure before you salutes in closing. =-

"Strength and Honor."

-= The hologram flickers and fades to black. =-

Join Us

See our website for details. After you register for the site, there is a "Join Us" button at the top of the page. Clicking that will take you into our application form. While you wait on your application status, we invite you to make your presence known on our Forum via offering feedback, chatting with fellow members or engaging in a lively role-playing storyline.

After you have applied, you may visit us in our IRC channel:

Server: Prothid.CA.US.GameSurge.Net

Channel: #swodyseey

We're looking forward to meeting you.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this page and for your interest in the Vanguard of Justice!

Guild Leader

Knight Commander Broon Khavar

Guild Ambassador

Jedi Guardian Jaidyn Kraden

External links

Vanguard of Justice - Guild Website

Star Wars Odyssey - SW Online RPG Club

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