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Vast Empire
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server PvP, RP, PvE
Leader(s) Supreme Moff Kadann
Type English
Website VE Guild Home
Voice Info not yet available.

Vast Empire is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

Recruiting Status

The Vast Empire is currently accepting applications to join.

About the Vast Empire


The Vast Empire SWTOR Guild is a division of the Vast Empire Star Wars fan club founded in 1998, one of the longest running Star Wars gaming organizations still in existence. The guild, and club, were founded and are still led by Supreme Moff Kadann. The Division Commanders, such as Stormz, assist Kadann in the administration of both. Activities within the VE range from SWTOR and other online gaming to forum-based written roleplaying. Members are encouraged to participate in multiple areas if at all possible.

The Vast Empire (VE) is a splinter faction of the Sith Empire operating under its own agenda- to spread its influence and control whenever and wherever possible and to protect its own. All classes of beings are permissible here, so long as they are true to the Vast Empire. Sith, Dark Jedi, non-Force Sensitive, it matters not. All may serve and be served in turn. So, join us. Step forward and claim your portion as we carve out a niche for ourselves in the wide galaxy. The Vast Empire is destined for greatness- are you?



The Vast Empire operates under an Imperial system using a military-style chain of command. The Supreme Moff has the final say in all matters pertaining to the guild and is advised by a council of his choosing. We are not a democracy, but a meritocracy. Those individuals who earn it will gain promotion and authority as they gain experience. Hard work and dedication is observed and rewarded. But without those, you will not progress far within our guild.

Vast Imperial Rank Structure

Supreme Moff: The unchallenged leader of the Vast Empire. His word is law within the guild.
~Currently: Kadann

Other rank details to be added at a later time. The club currently operates most of its activities under three divisions: the Army, the Navy, and the Dark Jedi Order. This, however, may change in regard to SWTOR.

Membership in the Vast Empire

Joining the Vast Empire

Anyone may join the Vast Empire by applying in our guild page, with the only requirement being that you must be able to speak English. We do reserve the right to deny applications if the prospective member is judged a detriment to the guild. Participation in our community on our offsite forum is recommended, but not required.

Leaving the Vast Empire

Members of the Vast Empire may leave the guild voluntarily without penalty, though we do not guarantee a leaving member will retain their rank should they return to the VE. The leadership of the guild may, if necessary, remove members from the guild if said member is found to be disruptive or in opposition to the guild, its members, or what it stands for. Members banned from the guild lose all rank within it and will not likely be allowed to return.

Notable Members

  • Supreme Moff Kadann. The leader of the guild and founder of the Vast Empire club. He is also a Master in the Dark Jedi Order.
  • Admiral Stormz. The second-highest ranking officer currently in SWTOR and the Naval Commander in Chief of the Vast Empire.

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