Wrath of Elysian is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Wrath has been a gaming community for over 6 years, beginning as a pre-release guild for World of Warcraft named Elysian. Our goal is to recreate that success as a community with like minded gamers for the up-coming game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

As a guild, we intend to achieve many goals through focused raiding and dedication, and most importantly through having fun. While we are a PvE Focused guild, we will play on a PvP (Player verses Player) server for the extra challenge, and will have many PvP events.

Our raids will be focused. You are free to chat about anything before and after the raids, and during breaks. During raid time, Teamspeak will be kept clear, and you will bring your A game every night.

Joining the guild



Other members

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