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Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Empire
Server The Shadowlands
Leader(s) Dravyn
Type Progression Raiding

X-Raided of The Shadowlands is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

===X-Raided was founded by a small group of players who felt restricted by the oppressive environment of their former guild. Not able to speak their mind, always having to appease their fellow members. That is when 7 members stood their ground and left their guild to anew.

Those founding Sith were; Dravyn, Azaiela, Spyike, Jadetalon, Myshadowstar, Surma, and Drakkath. These seven souls felt the empowering nature to make a guild that would allow its own members a freedom to express their speech and not be confined by mere boundaries. Shortly there after Drac and Val joined the new guild. They convened on a section of the Fleet that not many ventured too and built the structure of what X-Raided is today. Deciding on the foundation of a "Progressive Hardcore, adult orientated" but not limiting the main reason to relax and have fun. Taking fundamentals from teachings they brought from previous games they built the guild and it is was we strive for today.

Drama is always a killer in a lot of games, we understand you cannot erase it, but we strive to prevent as much as we can. We have gone through some, but learn from each uprising and come out on top each time. Surviving two server merges along with a recent purge we are still strong. As some of our founders have moved on we elected new Officers to take their place. Our council is balanced and serves the purpose on maintaining peace within the guild. Anytime you need something or have a question feel free to ask either a Wrath, Sith Master or Overseer for an answer.

Many have questioned our motives on Six Operations Groups, but I have always said that everyone needs a chance to succeed on their own. since their is no 30 man Ops Runs, six ops groups will do. We do try to to organize Off Night runs as we can, and encourage others to do the same. We encourage anyone not in a group to offer help when a group is missing their normal members.===

Joining the guild

It is our constant goal to advance ourselves and the guild forward in a manner that exposes new content, upgrades our members, and challenges us.

All members are expected to act as adults. By this, we mean don't blow up at guild mates and don't complain to guild mates about situations you can correct yourself (such as items, gold, or groups). Be constructive and reasonable in any concerns or criticisms and address them in private or keep them to yourself.

That said; we are a group of people who enjoy having fun with each other, often at each others expense. Things can and do often get a bit crude but it is all in good fun. If you have a good attitude and don’t take yourself too seriously and we will get along fine and I am sure you will have a great time.

Before applying please review our general rules and raiding rules .

To apply please fill out an application .

Guild Videos

Stigma of X-Raided on The Shadowlands First Dashrodoe SV HM Kill 7 10 13-106:39

Stigma of X-Raided on The Shadowlands First Dashrodoe SV HM Kill 7 10 13-1

Notable Members

X-Raided Council

Forum/Website/Vent Upkeep - Updates modules on the forums, maintain cleanliness of forums and maintain vent services maintenance - Dravyn(Co-GM)

Raid Leader/Group Support Officer - Is the go between from the raid leaders to the officer council. -  Fish & Deason

Administration & Recruitment Officers - This is basically the HR rank, handles all the paperwork duties to make sure invites are handled correctly -  Azaiela(Co-GM) & AlanaSnow

Bank/Organization Officer - Organizes the bank and handles the guild funds for repairs - Sleik/Vlk

Guild Event Officer - Organized weekly guild events - Killess

External links -Coming soon Guild Facebook, Tweeter and youtube links-

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