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Blutext 255
eXploratory Corps
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Server The Harbinger (US PvE West)
Leader(s) Trigon
Type Everything. PvE, Ops, PvP, Fun.
Voice Mumble

XCorps /eks-core/ is a group of dedicated time wasters and layabouts who chill in a wide variety of games; MMOs, single player, co-op.

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Activities PvE Ops PvP Craft Social Datacrons
Yes X X X X X X


Originally founded on the Intrepid server of Star Wars Galaxies on October 24th, 2003 by Trigon and 8 founding officers. XCorps were the winners of Nym's Scavenger Hunt for their server. The reward was a static X-Wing decoration for their player city Vodo Falls. They were one of the top 4 guilds in attendance at the first Fan Fest in Anaheim, CA. They were rewarded with a live developer-run event featuring Boba Fett along with a fallen AT-AT Imperial walker decoration for their player city. They were the first guild in SWG to be granted two developer placed decorations. They were participants in the first jet pack crafted on Intrepid (spearheaded by Droid Engineer Atmosk) and were the first guild in SWG to craft multiple jet packs. They won free lifetime premium hosting from guildportal. Founding Officer Tonsan was featured in the SWG television commercial ("It's a persistent world!"). We were the first to defeat Velah (Mabar) in DDO and the first to defeat Velah (elite) in partnership with Ordos Draconum.


Step 1: Check out this post What is XCorps About & is it Right for You?

Step 2: Just ask to hang out with any of us, for any in-game content, so we get a chance to know each other.

Voice Chat

XCorps uses Discord and consider it vital to the success of the guild. It improves efficiency and promotes camaraderie. It isn't required for general guild membership but monitoring the channel while participating in [endgame content] may be required. Joining XCorps in voice chat is strongly recommended, it's a fun atmosphere and you won't feel left out.

Community Standards

Any in-game communication is bound by the game's community standards. We recognize some members have young children at home so we make an effort to self-monitor ourselves; we just ask that you be reasonable. Private comms are your business.

XCorps has no interest in taking advantage of younger or inexperienced players for personal gain, nor in anyone who finds this acceptable.

Lastly XCorps is a diverse guild and we don't approve of intolerance that targets groups. Merit should be based on the words and actions of individuals.

Acolytes of Fayth <AoF>

XCorps has a close and long-lasting alliance with Acolytes of Fayth (AoF) dating back to the early days both guilds were located on the Intrepid server of SWG. After the NGE most of XCorps departed SWG and those that stayed worked with AoF. When the Intrepid server was brought down permanently both guilds moved to the Starsider server. AoF established a new guild on this server and the remaining/returning XCorps members joined this guild rather than starting a poorly populated guild of their own. AoF members have now joined XCorps in SWTOR, anyone wishing to contact their leadership directly may contact Lowy or Serena.

XCorps Leadership

Tri-Gon / Sarani - Guild Leader & Founder
Aog / Fastwalker - Deputy Guild Leader & Founding Officer
Atomos - Officer
Lowy - Officer
Neef - Officer
Jungsutee - Lieutenant
Zaphiix - Lieutenant

Social Media

Google +

Twitter Page


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