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HK-51 ingame
Physical description
Masculine Programming
Companion of
Recruited on
All (Ranged)
Primary Weapon
None (Appearance Only)
Primary Stat
Aim or Cunning
Secondary Stat
Republic Side Personality
  • Efficiently eliminating enemies
  • aggressive pursuit of victory
  • willingness to set aside bothersome ethics and morality
  • Being merciful to known enemies
  • praising other droids or failing to recognize his clear superiority
  • seeking peaceful solutions over violent ones
Empire Side Personality
  • Maximizing shock value when eliminating enemies
  • serving the Empire
  • discovering and exploiting new ways to kill enemies
  • Pointless infighting and political backstabbing
  • failing to take the initiative in a confrontation
  • permitting a cornered foe to escape
"The droid designated HK-51 is cold, calculating and incredibly lethal. Housed in a sleek body resembling an antique Systech Corporation protocol unit, this HK-series assassination droid lay dormant in the hold of an Imperial vessel for many years. Whatever HK-51′s original programming dictated, he pledged absolute loyalty to his new master upon his reactivation. HK-51 is a model of ruthless efficiency. His assassination protocols deteriorate unless they are put to frequent use. This leads to a constant acquisition, pursuit and permanent removal of qualified targets that would be seen as an obsession in any living being. Beyond expressing pride in successful assassinations, HK-51 has little patience for the trivial emotional problems of organics."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

HK-51 is a HK assassin droid built during the Old Republic era. He is an available companion for all players, regardless of faction or class, to acquire at Level 50. He is also available through the Legacy System.


HK-51 was built by the Czerka Corporation during the Great Galactic War. At some time, a large shipment of HK droids was presumably purchased by the Empire, and loaded onto the cruiser Fatality. This ship was eventually shot down over the Republic Prison Planet of Belsavis. The HK units were shut down, and the ship remained there until the next war, where it was discovered by both Republic & Empire forces deep below the surface of Belsavis.


Level 50 players will be directed into the crashed Fatality cruiser in Section X, where they will have to fight their way through Dread Master forces to the cargo hold. After players defeat all the enemies, they will receive the cargo manifest. They will then depart to an old Czerka ship, where they work their way through the ship to find the schematics for the advanced droid. After that, players will have to travel on a galaxy-wide quest to find replacement parts. The locations of the parts include:

After recovering the parts, players will return to the Fatality, where they will have to defeat a final rogue Sith before getting HK-51.


As HK-51 specifies, he is designed for combat. When you get HK-51, he will come fully geared with orange-quality gear, plus a deadly sniper rifle and vibroknife. All his abilities are Rank 50. Every time HK-51 assists in defeating an enemy, he will acquire a buff called "Target Eliminated".


HK-51's has very few abilities, but they are worth describing.

  • Vanish Strike: HK-51 jumps to the target, stabbing it with his vibroknife.
  • Evasion Protocols: HK-51 drops a smoke grenade, and jumps back toward you. The target is stunned for 3
    HK in combat

    HK-51 in combat

  • Blindside: HK-51 takes advantage of a distracted enemy to shoot it, dealing high damage.
  • Rail Blast: HK-51 shoots a target for moderate damage.
  • Calibrated Shot: HK-51 takes aim at a target, dealing moderate damage.
  • Terminate: HK-51 fires a series of micro-missles at the target, dealing high damage over the duration.
  • Hunter Killer: HK-51 deals high damage to a target under 30% health.
  • Stealth Suit: HK-51 turns invisible, making him harder to hit.
  • Emergency Protocols: HK-51 recovers 1% of max health every second for 15 seconds.
  • Assassinate: HK-51 takes careful aim at a weak, standard, or strong target, and deals mortal damage, one-shotting the target. Only usable out of combat, plus requires and consumes 5 stacks of "Target Eliminated".


  • "You're already dead! Just lie down!"
  • "Target locked; death imminent."
  • "The Maker marked you; nothing personal!"
    HK-51 on Belsavis

    HK-51 on Belsavis

  • "Eat hot efficiency!"
  • "I kill to serve!"

Sith Empire version:

  • "Statement: I have no information for you master; shall we continue liquidating the undesirables?"
  • "Declaration: I have new information to share with you, master. When we come to a lull in our liquidations, we should converse."

Galactic Republic version:

  • "Statement: There is nothing to discuss at the present time, master. We should resume deleting troublemakers."
  • "Prompt: I have sensitive information to share with you, master. Only your starship provides the appropriate security level."




A Jedi Knight With HK on Tatooine


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