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Harbinger (cruiser)
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Production information
Technical specifications
Three strike teams
Darth Sion

The Harbinger was a Hammerhead-class cruiser used by the Galactic Republic during the First Jedi Purge.


The Harbinger was transporting the Jedi Exile to Telos IV, when it's captain responded to a distress signal sent out by the Ebon Hawk, which had been attacked by a Sith warship. After arriving on the scene, the Harbinger dispatched three strike teams to investigate the Sith ship, who found only one corpse, while several other corpses were found on the Hawk. However, while the Harbinger was docked with the Sith vessel, Sith assassins entered the cruiser while cloaking themselves with the Force.

The Harbinger's medical staff didn't know whether the body found on the Sith ship was dead or alive, so they placed it in a Kolto tank to preserve it for later examination. The corpse however, was in fact Darth Sion who burst from the tank and announced his desire to capture the Exile, the Sith assassins then began decloaking and slaughtering the crew, and Sion seized control of the ship. The Jedi Exile and her companions however, escaped the Harbinger in the Ebon Hawk, and hid at the nearby Peragus mining colony. Lord Sion soon discovered their location and traveled to Peragus in the Harbinger, after Sion arrived, the Harbinger took on fuel, and after a brief skirmish with the Exile on the space station, Sion pursued the Exile and her companions, who were fleeing in the Ebon Hawk. As the Harbinger chased the Hawk across the asteroid field, a stray shot hit one of the asteroids which started a chain reaction that caused the entire field to explode destroying the Harbinger.

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