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Hardin, known as Bug for most of his life due to the custom of his homeworld Somov Rit, was a Force-sensitive Human who was recruited into Jedi Lord Hoth's Army of Light as a youth, in the service of which he died. Living an uneventful life on Somov Rit with his cousins Root, Darovit, and Zannah, Hardin chafed, longing to escape and take charge of his life. When Jedi Master Torr Snapit arrived and recruited Hardin, Darovit, and Zannah into the Army of Light for training, Hardin leaped at the chance to depart Somov Rit.

Zannah's presumed death soon after arriving on Ruusan, followed by Snapit's self-sacrifice in defense of the two young boys, stripped away Hardin's gruff, cynical exterior and left him admiring the Jedi, whom he had long criticized in response to Darovit's idolization of them. When Darovit's ideals met reality, he was devastated by the fallibility of the Jedi and the lack of glory in the Light and Darkness War. He defected to the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness, leaving Hardin more determined than ever to prove himself as a Jedi Knight and make up for Darovit's abandonment of the Jedi.

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