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"Harron Tavus has served as a combat officer since before the Sacking of Coruscant, where he played an active role in the guerrilla campaign against the Imperial invaders. Excellent instincts and a natural talent for leadership helped Tavus rise quickly through the ranks, but he has repeatedly refused any assignment that would take him away from combat. Instead, he earned a place in the Republic’s famed Havoc Squad, serving as the team’s commanding officer. Tavus is widely respected for his dedication to the soldiers under his command, so much so that he is rarely referred to by his official rank of captain; instead, Tavus is called merely “commander,” an old Republic Army tradition designating him as someone whose authority and skill supersedes any specific rank."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Lieutenant, later Commander Harron Tavus was a Republic Special Forces trooper who became the commanding officer of Havoc Squad during the Cold War.

He was present with the Jedi as the Sith Empire sacked Coruscant; He later assisted Satele Shan in discovering who was behind the disruption of the treaty. He is the son of Commissar Saxton Hale, who was killed in action before Tavus' military career.

Later, while stationed on the planet Ord Mantell, Harron Tavus and the rest of Havoc Squad, excluding the unnamed Trooper, defected to the Sith Empire, stating that the Republic has betrayed them and does not honor their warriors, while the Sith Empire does.

Tavus remain in the background through Chapter 1 of the Trooper's story, he only makes two apperances. After completing Taris & Nar Shaddaa, the Trooper is directed to Tavus's ship which is getting set to be installed with a cloaking device, it is revealed that is was a trap, set by Tavus's who is bitter that the Trooper has become his rival in many eyes of the Empire. He sets the Empire's version of Havoc Squad on the Trooper but it fails as Havoc Squad kills them.

After the rest of the defectors are either killed or captured, the Empire puts pressure on Tavus in which he calls all defectors to his ship. There, the Trooper and Havoc Squad infiltrate the base and causes havoc also killing Wraith. Eventually with his plans ruined Tavus battles the Trooper but is eventually beaten.

The Trooper then decides to either kill Tavus or arrest him, either way after Tavus's defeat The Trooper is promoted to Captain.

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