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[Empire]: Small Plaque at Gravity Hook 7 Loading Ring ( X:-3275 ; Y:-76 ; Z:-171 ).

[Republic]: Small Plague at Avasta Plantation ( X:2465 ; Y:1234 : Z:-148 ).


Located off major hyperspace routes, Makeb went unnoticed until the Mandalorian Wars, when a damaged transport ship carrying Republic refugees–including wealthy businessmen fleeing raiders–crash-landed there. Led by magnate Semako Thalien, the survivors built settlements and re-established contact with the galaxy. Rich mineral deposits in Makeb’s mesas, combined with the settlers’ credits and influence, made it an immensely profitable world within fifty years. Makeb’s wealth and independence from the Republic attracted corporate leaders, rich tourists and banking enterprises, and luxury resorts quickly became commonplace. The Hutt Cartel took notice of a new economic power and attempted to invest its own resources, but was rebuffed by Makeb’s business consortiums. Nevertheless, individual Hutts persisted in working their way into Makeb society, laying the groundwork for conquest. During the war between the Empire and the Republic, Makeb stubbornly retained its independence. Rumors claim that a vast deposit of minerals was discovered soon after the Treaty of Coruscant, but details are surprisingly scarce.

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