The social and econmic center for House Thul, with Rhu Caenus Spaceport located nearby.

House Thul Plaza

View of Plaza at House Thul

Notable NPCs

Market - Lower Level

  • Agent Vikurs

North Entry

  • Rylan Stallos

Thul Palace

  • Lord Jorad Thul
  • Lord Serjay Thul


Market - Lower Level

  • Crew Skill Trade Vendor - Private Ivis
  • Heavy Armor Vendor - Captain Gatheri
  • Light Armor Vendor - Lieutenant Joruk
  • Medium Armor Vendor - Corporal Maire
  • Mods Vendor - Sergeant Kullen
  • Specialty Goods - Sergeant Avan
  • Speeder Vendor - Hendry
  • Weapons Vendor - Captain Damarcus

Market - Upper Level

  • Equipment Commendations Vendor - Litas
  • Modification Commendations Vendor - Mari-Lucen
  • Mods Vendor - Sergeant Kullen


  • Social Items Vendor - Melos
  • Cantina Vendor - K-2G1


Market - SW Mid Level

Market - NE Mid Level


  • Mailbox (5)
    • at entry from Rhu Caenus Spaceport
    • at entry from North
    • in Market - SW Mid Level
    • in Market - NW Lower Level
    • outside cantina
  • Cargo Hold - SW Lower Level
  • Taxi
    • in front of Thul Palace
    • at entry from North
  • Quick Travel Point
    • at entry from North
    • inside cantina
  • Imperial Medical Service - Imperial Medical Droid at entry from North
  • House Thul Cantina
  • Thul Palace

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