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Located at the SW corner of the market at House Thul. This is a one room cantina. It still serves as a Rest Zone for characters. There is an outside patio, but no patrons inside or out other than other player characters that might be stopping by.


Cantina Vendor

K-2G1, selling

  • Devilized Zedrate Egg
    • Out of combat health regen
    • 60 per Second
    • Lasts 30 minutes
    • requires level 24
    • Credits Credits (200)
  • Field Command/Fortitude Stims
  • Holiday Special
    • Presence +42
    • Lasts 30 minutes
    • Credits Credits (400)
  • [Jukebox Token]

Social Items Vendor

Melos (outside), selling


The cantina has a jukebox which can be operated by Jukebox Token purchased from the Cantina Vendor. The selections available:

  • Not the Droids
  • Show Me Your Papers(And I'll Show You Mine)
  • Thruster Head
  • Boot Black and Bachani Blossoms


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