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Meris–Teltiors war


Great Hyperspace War

{{{Hundred-Year Darkness}}}
Hundred-Year Darkness

7000 BBY


6900 BBY


Jedi victory

Beginning of the Sith

Major battles:

Battle of Corbos


Jedi Order

Galactic Republic

Jedi Hunters

Dark Jedi dissidents

The Hundred-Year Darkness, also known as Second Great Schism, was a conflict that began in 7,003 BBY, and lasted until approximately 6,900 BBY, when a group of Dark Jedi created monstrous armies to battle the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. After decades of fighting, the Dark Jedi lost the war in its final battle, but went on to conquer Korriban and the discovery of the Sith.


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