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" On a world as inhospitable as Hoth, herbivores need natural advantages to survive. The lumbering herd beasts commonly called "icetrompers" must contend with the constant threat of hungry wampas and whitefangs. Unable to outrun their natural predators, icetrompers compensate with powerful stomping hooves and thick curled horns that can sweep aside even the most determined hunter. An icetromper's greatest natural asset, is its multiple sets of eyes. Like certain arachnid species, the secondary eyes are reserved exclusively for detection of sudden changes in nearby light patterns. Even the stealthiest wampas have difficulty sneaking up on icetrompers."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Icetromper's are large passive beasts who travel in hordes on the cold snow covered planet of Hoth.


Region: Highmount Ridge
Planet: Hoth
Coordinates: (-1656, 902)


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Angry Bull Icetromper
Enraged Icetromper
Enraged Icetromper Behemoth
Furry Icetromper
Giant Icetromper
Hulking Icetromper Behemoth
Hulking Icetromper Charger
Hulking Icetromper Thrasher
Icetromper Behemoth
Icetromper Bull
Icetromper Bull Calf
Icetromper Calf
Icetromper Charger
Icetromper Cow
Icetromper Groundshaker
Icetromper Mammoth
Icetromper Thunderfoot
Icetromper Yearling
Lumbering Icetromper Behemoth
Lumbering Icetromper Charger
Lumbering Icetromper Thrasher
Oily Icetromper
Ornery Icetromper
Serene Lumbering Icetromper
Wooly Icetromper


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