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Imperial Assault
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Production information
Shuttle [1]
Technical specifications
  • 2 Dual laser cannons
  • Missile launchers
Transport [1]

The Imperial Assault shuttle was used by the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War, Cold War, and Second Great Galactic War.


The Imperial Assault shuttle uses two wings in a "V" configuration while in flight. These wings can be folded up when the shuttle has landed, allowing it take up less space in hangar bays. A larger variation of these shuttles exists, however, the Imperial Assault shuttles are used more frequently than their larger counterparts.[1]


A Imperial Assault shuttle was used by an Imperial strike team from the Black Talon to board the Brentaal Star. When war broke out for a second time, an Imperial Assault shuttle was used by another Imperial strike team to board the long missing superdreadnought Voidstar. An Imperial Assault shuttle was also displayed in the Corellian Museum of Starships during the Cold War, and the Jedi Knight used the shuttle to infiltrate the Korvalus Tower, Tyrelli Habitat, and Gowix Corporation building to destroy the Firestorm Turbolasers. The Sith Inquisitor piloted the Shuttle to reach The Elysium to acquire an ancient artifact. The Shuttle is also used by all Imperial Classes to leave their Origin Worlds.[2]


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