In Star Wars: The Old Republic, each player character has an inventory in which to store items. The inventory starts out with 3 lines unlocked, with 10 slots on each line for a total of 30 slots. However, the inventory can be upgraded for a sum of credits.


Each additional inventory module upgrade will give you an extra row with 10 slots in it.

  • The first additional inventory module upgrade is Credit +5,000.
  • The second inventory module is Credit +20,000.
  • The third inventory module is Credit +50,000.
  • The fourth inventory module is Credit +100,000.
  • The fifth inventory module is Credit +200,000.
    • Totaling Credit +375,000.


To bring up the inventory screen, press the "I" (Capital i) key. To remove an item from your inventory and destroy it, simply drag and drop it off of your inventory into the environment.

You may bind an item to the quickslot by dragging an item from your inventory on to the desired quick slot.

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