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Jaesa Willsaam
Physical description
Voiced by
Companion of
Recruited on
Crew skills
+5 Archaeology Efficiency
+5 Synthweaving Critical
Melee DPS
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Primary Stat
Secondary Stat
Light Side Personality
Republic Memorabilia
Cultural Artifact
Military Gear
Underworld Goods
Imperial Memorabilia
*Only after a point in companion story with a male Sith Warrior.
  • Helping the weak
  • Secrets of the Force
  • Honor
  • Random Cruelty
  • Hurting innocents
  • Rudeness
Dark Side Personality
Military Gear
Imperial Memorabilia
  • Random cruelty
  • Secrets of the Force
  • Murder and chaos
  • Honor
  • Mercy
  • Helping people
Chronological and political information
"Once in a millennium, a man or woman is born who expands the frontiers of what Force users can achieve. Proud, young Jedi Padawan Jaesa Willsaam discovered the unprecedented ability to discern any being’s true nature and uncover a person’s most secret intentions. Born to a family of servants on Alderaan, she was brought to the Jedi Order and trained by Master Nomen Karr. But Nomen Karr could only protect and shield his Padawan from the world for so long. Through the machinations of Darth Baras, Jaesa was drawn away from the protection of the order and confronted by Baras’s own apprentice–and with the emotional instability of her Master.
Dark Side
Having finally witnessed the Jedi Order’s weakness and the dark side’s true power, Jaesa embraces the Sith path with reckless abandon. She now knows that the only truth-inducing force in the galaxy is fear.
Light Side
Having now seen the darkness within the Jedi Order, Jaesa has left its corruption behind completely to help transform the Empire from within. She has searched her whole life for something to believe in, and her new teacher has provided the answer.''"
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Jaesa Willsaam is a female companion for the Sith Warrior class. She joins the player after Alderaan at the end of Chapter 1 of the Sith Warrior Storyline.

Jaesa is also a possible romance for the male Dark Side Sith Warrior.


Born on the idyllic planet of Alderaan to servants of House Organa, Jaesa Willsaam was raised in a life of relative privilege. Though she was not a member of Alderaanian nobility, her family’s position within one of the more esteemed Houses allowed her the opportunity to intermingle with the social elite. As she got older, Jaesa discovered that she possessed a gift; she could see the true nature of anyone, and learn of their true intentions. When Jaesa was chosen to be the personal handmaiden to an ambitious, yet deceitful aristocrat, she discovered the lies and hypocrisy that tainted Alderaan politics.

Disgusted with the deception, Jaesa grew tired of Alderaan politics and began to question her future. Around this time she also met the Jedi Master Nomen Karr. Master Karr sensed in Jaesa a strong connection to the Force, and believed that with the proper training and tutelage, she could become a powerful Jedi. When he offered to take her under his guidance and train her in the ways of the Jedi, Jaesa leapt at the opportunity to see the galaxy and put her faith in something that represented everything Alderaan’s high society was not.

Jaesa holds to the ideals of the Jedi with complete conviction, and has dedicated herself fully to the Jedi code. Yet, because of her skepticism from a lifetime of being surrounded by deceit and treachery, her complete faith in the Jedi teachings could lead to a great fall if she were to ever question them…

Sith Warrior Story

When Darth Baras and Sith Warrior discovered through a Republic spy about Jaesa, though not gaining her identity at that time, Baras sends Warrior to track her down. By following leads of her early life on Tatooine and Alderaan, Jaesa eventually intends to meet with the Warrior in an attempt to convince the Warrior to abandon his task. However, Nomen Karr interferes, and the meeting doesn't happen.

Later, Nomen Karr tries to meet Baras face to face on Hutta, but Baras sends Warrior in his stead. The Warrior and Karr do battle, and during the battle Karr succumbs to his darker side. This alerts Jaesa to her master with the intention to help, although Karr gave Jaesa a direct order not to come, no matter what. When Jaesa arrives Karr is devastated as is Jaesa, because the Warrior is keeping him in chains. Jaesa is unsure what she should do, and eventually she attacks the Warrior. However, Warrior defeats her, but much to Jaesa's surprise, Warrior doesn't kill her. Warrior reasons this by saying that killing Jaesa would be putting her skills to waste.

After this, depending on conversation choices, the Warrior can either corrupt Jaesa to the dark side, or just recruit her to the Warrior's cause, remaining on the light side. If Warrior chooses dark side, Warrior does it by ordering her to use her ability on Nomen Karr. Jaesa had never used it on him, and through the ability Jaesa senses that he was not the man she thought. Angered by this, she turns to Warrior and Warrior takes her as an apprentice. Warrior's first order to Jaesa is to kill her former master, which she does without any hesitation. Finally feeling as a person she was meant to be, Jaesa joins her new master with pleasure.

Companion Missions

Codex Entry

As a Sith Warrior companion, Jaesa Willsaam is listed in the in-game Codex as a Persons of Note for Sith Warrior's.

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