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"Those who walk the path of the Jedi are guided and overseen by the Jedi High Council. Sworn to protect and defend the Republic, the Council has existed in one form or another for millennia, comprised of the wisest Jedi Masters of every era. After the destruction of the Jedi Temple and the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, the modern council removed itself from the politics of the galactic capital and settled on Tython, the ancestral home of the Jedi. Led by Master Satele Shan, the Council now struggles to uphold its peaceful ideals in the face of the Sith threat. This paradox is reflected in the personalities and beliefs of various members of the Council–some, such as the scholarly Master Syo Bakarn, hope the Sith can be redeemed and turned to the light side; others, such as the militaristic Master Jaric Kaedan, believe peace can only be achieved when all those who serve the dark side are destroyed."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

The Jedi Council is the main governing body of the Jedi Order.


The Jedi Council is lead by the Grand Master, and oversees all activities of the Jedi Order. Ten Jedi Masters have a seat in the Council.

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