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This page depicts the storyline of the Jedi Knight Story.




The character of a Jedi Knight arrives by shuttle on Tython, where they are greeted by Derrin Weller, then confronted with the pressing issue of an attack on the Temple's grounds by Flesh Raiders. Upon repelling these Flesh Raiders and helping to free other Padawans  Derren contacts the Knight and sends him to The Gnarls to seal a Flesh raider cave that is allowing the Flesh Raiders easier access to the temple. Inside the cave the Knight discovers a person named Callef, who is assisting the Flesh Raiders with his Force sensitivity. The Knight then defeats Callef and reports back to Orgus Din and Satele Shan.

During a meeting with the Council, Orgus takes the Knight on as his Padawan and sends them to Kalikori Village in order to help the Matriarch  with her recent Flesh Raider problems and also to repair relations between the Twi'lek refugees and the Jedi Order. After helping the Matriarch, Orgus informs the Knight that the Flesh Raiders are guarding their camp with an energy shield and that the two of them must shut it down. Upon destroying the shield, a Dark Jedi named Bengel Morr  a former Padawan of Orgus', warns the Knight that he will destroy the Jedi Order. Upon returning to Kalikori Village, it is revealed that the Matriatch of Kalikori Village passed away and her daughter, Ranna Tao'Ven is her successor.

After protecting Kalikori's crops from toxic Flesh Raider attacks, Orgus contacts the Knight with an urgent message. Flesh Raiders are venturing into the Ruins of Kaleth and he wants the Knight to find out why. Upon investigation of the Ruins, the Knight wanders into Bela Kiwiiks and her Padawan, Kira Carsen. Bela asks the Knight to set up holorecordings of the Ruins so that the Council may monitor Flesh Raider movements. Orgus then contacts the Knight and asks them to meet him back at the Matriarch's Compound.

Upon arrival, Orgus tells the Knight that there are several Flesh Raider bases scattered around Tython and that he wishes for the Knight to deal with one of them, located in Upper Kaleth. Upon examination of this base it is revealed that some Flesh Raiders have been trained in the Force, presumably by Bengal Morr. Orgus contacts the Knight yet again and reveals that the Flesh Raiders are planning a mass invasion and that Kalikori Village is in danger. The Knight returns to Kalikori Village only to be captured by the Twi'leks. It's revealed that they traded Orgus for their safety from Bengal Morr's wrath. A T7 unit that the Knight found on a previous mission has the key to finding Orgus and after communicating with the Jedi's archivist, the Knight then sets out for the Ancient Forge, a place of great historical importance to the Jedi.

T7 leads the Knight to the Forge and after searching through some caves and fighting through many Flesh Raiders, the Knight confronts Bengal Morr and is left with no other choice than to fight him. The Knight defeats Bengal and chooses to spare him, handing him over to the Jedi Council. Orgus then decides it is time for the Knight to craft their own lightsaber, so the Knight proceeds into the Forge to create a blue-bladed Lightsaber. The Knight then returns to the Jedi Council, who declare him no longer a Padawan and fit to become a Knight of the Jedi Order. The Council however have sensed more darkness in the Galaxy and sent the newly knighted Jedi Knight off to Coruscant to track down more darkness. The Knight stops by on the Republic Fleet first to catch a shuttle to Coruscant and in doing so, learns a more advanced discipline of the Jedi Knight life, becoming either a Jedi Guardian or a Jedi Sentinel


Once the Knight arrives on Coruscant, they go to the Senate Tower where they meet General Var Suthra, Master Orgus Din, Kira Carsen, and Doctor Tarnis. It is then revealed to the Knight that the Republic has been developing a project called a "Planet Prision" and that the schematics had been stolen by thugs called the Black Sun. Black Sun had tasked a Rodian named Vistis Garn with the job, and Garn proposed the heist as his own idea to his main employers in the Migrant Merchants' Guild.

The Knight infiltrates the Migrant Merchants' Guild warehouse and recovers the stolen goods. They then confront Garn and defeat him and his turrets. The Jedi then notifies Agent Galen who tells them to return quickly since they have had a security breach. Vistis gives the Knight the data files and chooses to either let Vistis Garn go free or kill him; then returns to Agent Galen.

The Knight gives Galen the stolen files and Galen tells them that Doctor Tarnis was kidnapped while they were gone. Suddenly, Galen gets a message from Kira who pursued the kidnappers. She has pinned down the kidnappers can't hold them for long. Agent Galen asks the Knight to meet up with her at the spaceport and stop the kidnappers.

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