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"Since the destruction of the original temple during the Sacking of Coruscant, the Jedi Temple on Tython has become the spiritual home and sanctuary of the Jedi Order. Housing meditation rooms, lecture theaters and the Jedi Archives, the temple’s architecture was deliberately changed from the original on Coruscant, in line with the Jedi philosophy of non-attachment. The new design is intended to echo the style of Alderaan’s famous castles and to evoke the Jedi virtues of humility, serenity and patience. Construction began a year after the Jedi made a permanent settlement on Tython and took three years to complete using local Tythonian stone and timber. The temple’s site, built upon the ruins of a much older temple, was chosen by the Jedi Council after a week of fasting and meditation. While the temple’s formidable technological defenses are concealed and integrated into the architecture, it’s the presence of the Council and the Jedi who train there who truly ensure its safety from invaders."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

The Jedi Temple is part of the headquarters of the Jedi Order that is built on Tython. It is likely connected with the Jedi Enclave on that world.

Current Layout

LR 1st Floor JT

1st Floor of the Jedi Temple as seen in-game

The new Jedi Temple is composed of two storeys.

First Floor

  • Main entrance from Tython
  • A cantina, an item modification station and quest rooms for the various playable classes
  • Shops for armor, as well as weapons

    Second Floor

  • The new Council room, where the Jedi Council meets
  • Spaceport for access to and from the Republic Fleet, and the class' own spaceship
  • Various teachers for new skills


    During the Sacking of Coruscant, Darth Malgus razed the Jedi Temple there. The initial damage from penetrating a structurally reinforced shuttle through the front entrance and into the main chamber was relatively minor, as was damage to the structure during the battle there. However, to seal his victory, Malgus ordered that several loads of explosive charges be set throughout the temple and then detonated in a single money shot. The above-ground portion of the building collapsed entirely, and much of the below-ground facilities were also destroyed such as the store-rooms for rations, others were cluttered with objects from the above-ground portions of the temple, filling the store-rooms with dozens of different objects ranging from vibro-blades and rope to handrestraints and lightsabers.[1]

    The temple could have eventually been restored; however, the larger problem was the shift in public opinion towards the Jedi. Many on Coruscant felt that the Order had been impotent when it came to save Coruscant, that they had failed the Republic.

    In this climate, the Jedi Council decided that relocating to a new planet was the wisest course. Satele Shan was assigned to locate a new home for the order. On her assessment, the Jedi Order and Jedi Council relocated to Tython, where the new temple has been erected.


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