"The proud, honorable and deadly Kaleesh warriors are a relatively recent arrival to the civilized galaxy, but both the Republic and Empire already respect the species for its martial talent. Thanks to their imposing bone masks, Kaleesh are also highly sought-after as enforcers by status-conscious members of the criminal underworld. Wealthy Hutts employ Kaleesh bodyguards as a pointed warning to any upstarts who might challenge the Hutt Cartel’s power. Individual Kaleesh project a stoic fatalism mixed with a surprisingly deep spirituality. Their core belief is that those who perform great deeds in life become immortal, godlike beings upon their deaths. Kaleesh warriors therefore seek only the greatest challenges to overcome. Anything less means risking an ignominious–and permanent–demise."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]


The Kaleesh are a humanoid species, presumed to originate from the planet Kalee. While not one of the confirmed playable species, notable members such as General Grievous; Xalek, a companion of the Sith Inquisitor; and Master Cin Tykan, part of the Jedi Consular's storyline, can be seen through the Star Wars Universe, along with many others.


The Kaleesh are accepted and treated equally among the Jedi, proved by the numerous count of Kaleesh Jedi in the Old Republic. The Sith, however, lack acknowledgment for them or any other race, varying from the Humans and the Sith Purebloods, compelled by their traditions and principles, using aliens mostly as slaves. Darth Malgus, however, was one of the few within the Sith Empire who did not believe they were expendable and was the one to recruit a number of alien species to his ephemeral Empire.


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