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"Prone to cynicism and a stubborn independent streak, Kira Carsen is an improbable recruit to the Jedi Order. This is partially excused by the fact that she began her Padawan training as a young adult; Kira had spent most of her life up to that point as a homeless drifter, scraping out a miserable existence on some of the galaxy’s most unpleasant worlds. Thanks to her hard-luck upbringing, Kira has considerably more life experience than most Jedi–and a world-weary sophisticate’s attitude to match. In the eyes of her peers, Kira is someone who refuses to take anything seriously or fully commit to the Jedi path. Those who look more closely, however, might detect the glimmer of an optimist peeking through Kira’s sarcastic facade. Despite her insistence on questioning its teachings, she has a deep appreciation for the comfort and relative safety she obtained by joining the Jedi Order."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Kira Carsen is a Human female and a Jedi Companion for the Jedi Knight class. She is the second companion picked up by the Jedi Knight. She is recruited by the Knight on Coruscant, though she is met much earlier on Tython (long before the Knight met T7-O1). She is an "extremely vocal" padawan assigned to Master Kiwiiks, a Togruta member of the Jedi Council. As a Jedi Consular, Kira can use a regular or double-bladed lightsaber and is restricted to using light armor. Although Kira is shown using some kind of disappearing trick in one of the trailer videos, stealth is not one of her actual combat abilities, but rather a cloaking device that she uses during the Jedi Knight Coruscant story arc.

It is possible to pursue a romance with Kira (though, attachment being against the Jedi Code may cause the player to receive a few dark side points for this course of action). Although the majority of Dark Side choices will cause you to quickly lose affection with Kira, Kira responds most favorably to the player when his or her choices do not cleave too strictly to the Jedi code.

Known/Fixed Bugs

There was a possible bug that could cause Kira to not be romancable. If after killing her brother and you choose the Dark Side flirt, she will no longer give any dialogue or missions. If you choose not to flirt with her (avoiding DS points), she would later have a conversation that would have a flirt option however; this option does not give any DS or LS points and she accepts your advances. This was fixed on December 27th 2011 with patch 1.0.1,[1] but the Bug fix was not retroactive to people who had already chosen the dark side flirt prior to the patch, however; it shouldn't affect anybody getting to that point post patch. The developers have stated that they are still planning on a fix for people already affected, but it will take somewhat longer with no firm ETA.

As of Patch 1.1 released on 1/18/12, Kira is now fixed to allow any backlogged conversations to take place. These can be done all at once as they are unlocked as each conversation ends and allows you to do the next. Keep in mind you will have to have the required affection points to proceed.[2]


See Kira Carsen's Dark Past

Witty, brash and carrying a world-weary sophistication about her, Kira Carsen is something of an anomaly within the Jedi Order. Already an adult when she was accepted into the Order, Kira had already amassed a lifetime's worth of experiences which painted her view of the galaxy.

Having been abducted at birth, Kira never knew her real parents and spent the better part of her adolescence in a harsh, abusive environment. After enduring years of abuse at the hands of various instructors Kira fled. She spent the next several years as a drifter, hopping from planet to planet, stowing away on countless freighters when she needed to run. Eventually Kira came across a group of refugees and found her way to the slums of Nar Shaddaa, where she and the other refugees quickly became the targets of the local gangs.

After an attack by a vicious gang, Kira left the refugees behind and returned to her life as a drifter. She spent her days living in alley ways, stealing what she needed to survive from day to day. It was this lifestyle that led her to crossing paths with a Jedi Master. It did not take the Jedi long to sense Kira's affinity for the Force, and offered to take her on as an apprentice.

Kira has an undeniable appreciation of the Jedi Order, and though she may often question the teachings of the Jedi, her optimism combined with never-ending desire to prevent the evils like those she experienced make her a loyal ally of the Jedi.


Kira is considered kind-hearted, confident, and brassy and a bit aggressive.

Companion Quests

Appearance Customization

Kira custom 1a

Custom Appearance 1

  • Appearance 1 - Tanned Brunette Kira. (Balmorra - Guunta)
  • Appearance 2 - Black Kira, hair in a bun. (Balmorra - Guunta)
  • Appearance 3 - Asian Kira (Balmorra - Guunta)
  • Appearance 4 - Blonde Kira. (Balmorra - Guunta)
  • Appearance 5 - Emo Mohawk Punk Kira. (Carrick Station, Collector's Edition area)
  • Appearance 6 - Non evil, red headed Kira. (Balmorra - Guunta)
  • Appearance 7 - Black Kira, with double pony tail action. (Carrick Station, Collector's Edition area)
  • Appearance 8 - Evil Kira. (Carrick Station, Collector's Edition area)

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