Koblus Sornell
Koblus Sornell

Koblus Sornell was a female Devaronian Mandalorian warrior who fought during the Mandalorian Wars. She was the mother of three children and one unborn child, she was also wife of Haarm Sornell. Koblus Sornell become friends with Zayne Carrick when he was force into the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, having owe him for saving her son. However she held a disliking towards the Republic officer Dallan Morvis for having trying kill her once in her sleep. Koblus would later help Zayne Carrick on few matters, even helping stop Dorjander Kace when he try kill her and Zayne Carrick. She later return to her clan, readying matters for her fourth child.


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