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Level range

"The lobel appears to be one of very few species actually indigenous to the planet Quesh, though it can be found in small pockets throughout the galaxy–perhaps the work of a single explorer thousands of years ago. A slow-moving creature, the lobel has four stomachs that are key to its survival in some of the most ravaged ecosystems known to civilization. The slow rate of digestion and normally languid movement of the lobel has allowed it to survive even when food is very rare, and there appears to be a degree of redundancy in the four stomachs–when the toxicity of industry damages one, the lobel is able to continue eating and digesting."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Lobels are a quadruped species native to the planet Quesh. They are very hostile and attack humanoids on sight. They were, however, able to be tamed and were sold on the markets.

Behind the Scenes

Lobels inhabit the planet Quesh and also have pet variations, purchasable through different sources.



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