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Physical description
Male programming
Voiced by
Companion of
Recruited on
All (Ranged)
Primary Weapon
None (Appearance Only)
Primary Stat
Secondary Stat
Republic Memorabilia
Cultural Artifact[source?]
Military Gear
Destroying the Republic's enemies, pro-Republic messages, courage
Anything against the Republic's goals
"M1-4X is a highly advanced war droid designed and built specifically to serve in Havoc Squad. As such, his engineers programmed him to be a perfect soldier: completely loyal, fervently patriotic, and willing and eager to go to any length or face any risk in order to destroy the Republic’s enemies. M1-4X’s armor plating, weapons systems and processing power are significantly advanced over typical military droid standards, due in large part to his unusual power core. Constructed by an unknown group or organization, the core was recovered during a classified operation and has output capabilities far beyond conventional models."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

M1-4X is the third Companion Character for the Trooper. He joins the player at the end of the Trooper's class quests on Nar Shaddaa. His primary role is that of a ranged-tank. M1-4X is a battle droid programmed with a male-designation personality


The Prototype M1-4X Advanced War Droid features top of the line weapons and armor that will lay waste to any opposition. Designed by the esteemed Dr. Boab Deduun, the M1-4X is programmed to be the ideal soldier: compliant, loyal and eager to take the fight to those who would threaten the Republic.

The M1-4X features the latest in Republic weapons technology and is equipped with a full arsenal of weaponry. This includes mounted flamethrowers for short-ranged engagements, while also able to strike at targets from range with blasters and rockets. The M1-4X also features advanced armor plating and a state-of-the-art processing core, allowing the M1-4X to take an incredible amount of punishment while still being able to fulfill its primary role supporting the Republic on the front lines.

Standing head and shoulders above any other Republic Military Droid, the M1-4X is powered by a unique power core. Details about the technology supporting this core, as well as the means in which the Republic acquired this core, remain highly classified.


M1-4X, also called “Forex” for short, was a prototype assault droid that existed during the “Cold War” era of the Old Republic. Designed by a group of scientists to be a new type of Assault Droid. He was similar in design and appearance to the AR-34 enforcer droids, but had a white and orange color scheme.

Forex was programmed to be completely loyal, fervently patriotic, and willing and eager to go to any length or face any risk in order to destroy the Republic’s enemies.

The primary thing that set Forex apart from other droids of his type was the unique power-core build into him. Constructed by an unknown group, the core was recovered during a classified operation and has output capabilities far beyond conventional models. The Republic had hoped to make more of his type, but the prototype project was abandoned in a creche on Hutt moon of Nar Shaddaa; due to their scientists being unable to activate or duplicate the full power of its core.

During the tentative peace that came between the Empire and the Republic, following the Treaty of Coruscant, a group Republic Special Task Force defectors led by Captain Andrik traveled to Nar Shaddaa and salvaged M1-4X, to attempt to fully activate him. While they were cautious to a fault, their operation was uncovered by SIS Operations, whom passed on the information to SpecForce Command. Acting under orders to keep the main information of the defection secret, the commanding officer of Havoc Squad -- the player’s character -- traveled to Nar Shaddaa to confront Captain Andrik and recover the M1-4X.

Captain Andrik however used Forex’s own command codes to turn him against the player, before fleeing to a hidden lab in Shadow Town to finish charging Forex’s power core. The player, added by an SIS agent, Jordan Balkus and some reluctant Imperials (who were hiding in a penthouse over a Nar Shaddaa casino) tracks Andrik to his lab, where the charging of Forex’s power core has been completed. The player tries to convince Forex to ignore his programming and fight against the traitor, but the programming is too firmly entrenched. In the end, Forex is forced to fight the player’s character, after they kill Andrik and his aides. However, before the fight begins, Forex alerts the player that while he cannot penetrate his shield-generator’s field with normal weapons, he is confident that the player will find a means to override his defenses.

The player is forced to destroy Forex, and SIS agents arriving to “clean up” after the fight is over. However, the SIS agents are able to repair and restore Forex to operational status -- with the order coming down from General Garza -- so that he may be assigned to Havoc Squad alongside the player, Aric Jorgan and Elara Dorne. Forex is very pleased to join Havoc Squad, and take the fight to the “heart of the Empire”.

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