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The world of Malachor Five was host to a Sith academy before its destruction three centuries ago, but the Jedi have long suspected that Sith ruins are scattered on other planets and moons across the Malachor system. Several decades ago, the Jedi Order’s six most promising students obtained permission to explore Malachor Three. Their arrival roused the spirit of Terrak Morrhage, a Sith Lord entombed on the planet. Yuon Par and Duras Fain succumbed to the spirit’s influence first, giving in to their suppressed passion for each other. Appalled, Eriz Vossan and Cin Tykan began to suffer terrifying nightmares and paranoia. Slowly the expedition members turned on each other, only coming to their senses when the dark creatures of Malachor Three–stirred by Terrak Morrhage’s anger–rose up against them. The tactician Sidonie Garen formulated a plan, but an error of judgment sent the expedition into dangerous terrain. The youngest Jedi, Parkanas Tark, was trapped trying to save Eriz Vossan, and was left behind when the others finally escaped. Malachor Three is now forbidden to explorers; the expedition members have not spoken in many years.

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